Are You Playing Your Odds Correctly?

Many entrepreneurs as well as those in the corporate suite discuss the odds of success in terms of “It’s a long shot. 1 in 100” or “Chances are 50/50 we’ll have success in this market” and so on.

Rather than verbally limiting your odds of success to some numeric phrase of chance that does little to inspire others ( let alone you,) why not use numbers and phraseology where both you as well as others can see the potential gains and rally around?

Who cares if success is 50/50, 8 in 10, better than 80% and so forth where possible gains whether it be in net profit, market share, ______________(fill in the blank) can be exponential.

Do you think the people in your next meeting would react differently if you made a statement more along the lines of, “If we’re successful with this project we could see a dramatic increase in net profits. We have the potential to not just increase but to increase exponentially!”

Or, do you still think it’s best to have the same probabilities yet frame it as, “We have a better than 7 in 10 chance of increasing our profits by 300%.”

If odds are on the table, it’s up to you to play them effectively – in your favor.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr