Muddled Messaging Ripe For Opposition

One can’t help when looking at all the geopolitical as well as threats of non-containment of the deadly Ebola virus and wonder: Who’s in control here?

Here’s a hint – it’s not the people lining up to give the message via oratory salvos. In fact, the clearest of messages coming out of the geopolitical realm are happening rapidly, methodically, and very much with blinding clarity allowing deeds to speak rather than words.

Just one example of this can be shown when the more one looks only for the outbreak of war, the more one misses other acts which can have just as dire consequences down the road. i.e., Developing friendships of rivals where the focus of that relationship is to oppose – you.

And as for the Ebola virus? It seems the message for now is just as clear: The more they talk of containment, and not to worry, the more light gets shown there is still need for concern.

The muddled messaging on the Ebola virus alone coming from political leaders and agencies is breath-taking. As of this writing we’re still wondering why it takes 24 to 48 hours for test results to be known for a patient in New York when in Columbus Ohio the all clear came in a matter of hours. With no clear report or clarification as to why.

And now just days later we wake to hear one of the most densely populated places on the planet (Hong Kong) just detained a person for you guessed it – Ebola.

If it’s found this deadly virus has reared its ugly head there, then once again all bets are off: for the messaging of late has been paradoxical to say the least.

The only clear thing will be is that people will begin acting in their own self-interest in ways no one yet knows let alone predict. These are the instances where the phrase, “A person is smart, but people are stupid” comes to mind.

As if something such as this would be enough to worry about, we also have what again seems to be more in line with the Keystone Cops of messaging in regards to the Middle East.

We’ve had messaging which seems so utterly convoluted, trying to diagram a flow chart of just recent events is more like trying to paint a picture Jackson Pollack could appreciate rather than framing anything of clarity.

What has been made abundantly clear is that through all this hand wringing and muddled messages of: “These are the people to support. No wait these are. Oops sorry no these are. Wait….” has allowed those with visions of opposition as to cause harm the room to both inflict that harm along with doing it in the very places we just left. And with our own equipment!

What has been the response to this? After the relentless, incessant media campaigning and messaging of we’re pulling out, guess what? We’re going back in.

Albeit it’s now said or stated emphatically “No boots on the ground.” Yet, I thought the previous message told was we were all done? So what does all this now mean or what message are we to take away? Yes, just not done yet?, Or this time? Or ________ ? (you fill in the blank for I can’t keep up.)

But wait you say: “This re-engagement was for a limited strike as to help prevent a genocidal act.” Fair enough, but I’ll point you to the messaging that came out just hours later. “Bombing in Iraq could take weeks.” And, “Bombing is no quick fix.” Just what form or type of clarity does one think it gives the opposition, let alone us?

If you don’t think they’re watching, listening and thinking along the lines of “Maybe we can wait them out again?” Or, “Maybe they’ll drop even more equipment that we’ll commandeer and fight even harder!” You’re not thinking clearly yourself.

They are clear on one thing – destroying you, me, us, and everything we represent. Our response of clarity? Muddled messages followed by the score keeping of Mulligans on some course following near every speech: Rather than some coherent resolute statement defining clear objectives that people can rally around.

So far the only thing of concern is whether or not there’s still time to play another round. And I haven’t even touched on Syria, Ukraine, Israel, the South China Sea and more.

What has also been absolutely clear is when it comes to the strength of our financial markets, the strength or value in nations continuing to use the U.S. Dollar as the reserve currency, the messaging there has been the message of – dead silence.

One would think it would be in the interest of a nation to at least once in a while give a some form of a pep rally in this arena. Yet, there’s a silence so deafening it would make a pin drop envious. No messaging, no rally cries, no nothing. So what you say? I’ll say nothing and just point.

In the vacuum of any clear messaging about a nation’s currency (especially the world’s reserve currency,) and the abandonment of attention by political leaders in its defense, as well as the obligation to speak, define, and lay out clear visions for why trading partners, as well as other nations, should feel confident in using the U.S. Dollar as the currency of choice – we hear absolutely nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada.

This is one of the first times in history I can remember where political leaders seemingly don’t even acknowledge there may be any form of issues even facing the dollar. Yet…

China who by all accounts both the political as well as business class keep pointing to as “a nation on the rise” lines up and strikes a deal with none other than Vladimir Putin as to trade and settle in (wait for it…) non U.S. Dollar settlements. Then Mr. Putin seemingly expanded that coalition to encompass even more countries into this fold.

I thought from all the messaging we had isolated Russian interests and made him a world pariah? At least that’s what the lines recited have told. Looks like someone’s not following the script. And with chilling clarity of their intentions.

One thing has now been shown in vivid detail: The more messaging put out along these same lines will only make it abundantly clear to any and all opposition that those in charge haven’t a clue.

If how the opposition responds going forward is anything like the way they have been, might I suggest getting off the course, and getting a clear coherent message back on one.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr