Getting Hired By Showing Your Entrepreneurial Worth

I was queried on the topic of what advice I might give to first time job seekers. Personally I believe the response for first time applicants is the same I would give for any other applicant. I also believe the same argument can be adapted to any with the entrepreneurial mindset.

The focus of any interview should be all about what you can do to add value. No emphasis on the value you bring, no need to listen or go further into any other details is all they’ll be thinking. Period.

Here was my response:

When one is interviewing regardless of first entering a job market fresh out of college or a seasoned veteran, the issue on salary or pay will be one of the most determining factors on how you approach and answer than nearly all other questions combined. The way to approach salary as well as show your understanding of the bottom line and what you mean to it, is to ask the following:

If going for a sales or marketing position: “Is there an incentive plan for exceeding projections?” Or, “Is there a policy where one can go on full commission, and if so are there any representatives they can show as an example?”

If going into anything but sales or marketing you must understand you will always be viewed as “overhead” rather than an “asset.” No matter how politically incorrect it may seem. The way to move yourself out from one side of the ledger to the other in a hiring managers eye is to ask: “Are there any incentive plans that reward an employee for suggesting or implementing cost cutting, or profit enhancing measures, that increase profitability?”

Make the above examples your own and you’ll stand out head and shoulders above 99% of any and all candidates you’ll be competing against.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr