A Welcome Credit On The Card

I was just made aware I was quoted in an article in the Editors’ Picks section on leadership at American Express OPEN forum™. It ran on the 28th of this month titled: 5 Ways to Tell If a Risk Is Shrewd … or Stupid by Geoff Williams

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 8.26.07 AMFrom the article:

5. You’re Worrying About the Details—Later

While you may be a “big picture” kind of person, the devil is in the details—at least when it comes to running a business. Early in his career, entrepreneurial motivational speaker and author Mark St. Cyr says, “In the rush to start a project or close a sale, I would take chances and skip the procedure of first filling out the proper paperwork in order to get my foot in the door and not spoil the mood as the sale closed.”

Each time, by closing quickly and worrying about the paperwork later, St. Cyr thought he was avoiding the risk of putting a damper on things—but he was actually creating very risky situations that could have blown up in his face.

“I learned it was not only harder to get the paperwork or documents after the fact, it was nearly impossible and it cost me far more financially in some cases than if I’d lost the sale in the first place,” St. Cyr says.


I encourage all to read the article in its entirety and thank Mr. Williams and American Express® for the lines of credit.

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