An Update On

As of now the MarkStCyr.wordpress and are now one. Links within the site seem to now be functioning properly. (they were giving Not Found Messages earlier) It would appear there might still be a little buggy-ness or glitches as in a ghost in the machine type behavior till all the servers play catch up. comes up the old screen with the app still showing… comes directly to the blog. However, the blog button from the original site does still get one to the blog where it was not operating a few hours earlier. That has since cleared up. (as mentioned earlier, the servers of the web will need about 72 hours I’m told before they entirely reset.)

Some former links to stories or previous links via social media sites maybe severed because of URL changes. If that happens and you wish to relink or resend just use the buttons under the articles as usual. The new links will be established if needed or wanted. They should now be working properly.

As for the search results: As of now we’re still working on it. We have no idea how this was done but somehow it’s currently pointing to a jewelry scam site. Here’s what we see currently…

I have no idea who these people are but they are to be avoided. Scamming Low-life's
I have no idea who these people are but they are to be avoided. Scamming Low-life’s!!!

The only way to look at this without me throwing my chair is this only happens when someone thinks you have something worth stealing. So in one way, I guess I have to be a little honored to be worthy of a thief’s attention I guess.

That or add the additional expense of replacing a very, very expensive office chair. (Humanscale® for those who may wonder. )