Addendum To: Receiving A Valid Ticket

I was asked after I wrote this if I could give an example of someone who was an actual writer that they would know as to give them more context. The name that came to my mind was Stephen J. Cannell. Mr. Cannell wrote scripts for some of my favorite shows to this day” It Takes A Thief, Ironsides, Columbo, Adam 12, and many, many more.

I remember years ago hearing him during an interview recanting his lifelong struggle with dyslexia. This would have stunted the ambition as to even contemplate the idea of writing, let alone actually pursue it. Most would look upon this condition as fatal. He looked at it as an obstacle that just needed to be dealt with. He was also known for describing his condition as something that enriched his life.

So debilitating was his condition I remember him laughingly state during an interview (I’m paraphrasing):  Nobody could steal his ideas because only his then secretary could decipher his writing. It would be like looking at code for anyone else.

Let people like this be inspiration for you to follow you pursuits as well. Just imagine how many people tried telling him when he was first contemplating a career in writing: “Steve, c’mon, you can’t spell properly and you want to be taken seriously as a writer? You better rethink that idea and focus on a career in your father’s business.”

Remember, there were no such things as word processors with spell checkers and all the other attributes we take for granted today. As a matter of fact, I don’t think WhiteOut® was even invented yet!