A Few Thoughts For Today’s Entrepreneur

Forget the so-called “easy way” to do the “hard stuff”: There isn’t.
It’s the learning of new skills, then adapting them through pragmatic application that make the “hard stuff” more enjoyable to deal with.
e.g. Going to the gym and conducting a strenuous workout is never “easy” – its once you make the process enjoyable that everything changes.

It takes a 20% increase in sales volume to make up for a 5% discount.

It is easier to sell 1000 people a product at $1000.00 to make a million dollars than it is to sell 1 million people a product for $1.00
(All of my readers whom play in app or software land should pay particular attention to that statement)

Last but not least:

No net profit = NO BUSINESS.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr