Adapt Is A Tool Many Need To Adopt

If you can get in your gut the understanding: There’s really nothing new under the sun – just different ways of doing it. You’ll find many problems which at first may seem insurmountable, take on the form of mere obstacles to be negated through planning and execution.

Everything that probably scares you about whatever decisions you are to make in business or more has been lived through and acted upon by others. It’s up to you as to seek them out and adapt their views and ways of handling them whether they were met with success or failure.

Adapt what is relevant to you and your situation – and move. Don’t wait. You’ll also find even more insights will come to you while “on the move” for it’s then you’ll adapt even quicker to a changing landscape.

You don’t need to read Plato, or Machiavelli. (although I do recommend you should at least try) However, what they were professing centuries ago is still as useful today as it was back then. If – you’ll adapt them to your circumstances.

After all, if you’re going to discount what was said centuries ago as to have no bearing on anything you might be looking at today. Just how is it you’ll adapt strategies or insights from watching that rerun on the cable channel for the umpteenth time?

People had to deal then adapt from allowing themselves to be caught up in time wasters back then also.

Think about it.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr