Just A Heads Up For Some Upcoming Changes

Before I start, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that subscribes, visits, and those of the various news sites or blogs that pull quote, repost, or use my writings in one form of another across the globe. Again this is a sincere, and humble thank you. For without all of you, there would be no reason to write another word. So once again, thanks.

Over the next few weeks you’ll notice a subtle yet noticeable change to the esthetics and features of the blog. I have not changed anything on the site for it has functioned near flawlessly for all intents and purposes moving now into its 6th year. However, since that time many things have changed. We have experienced exponential growth in both where my writings appear as well as visitors from even more countries across the globe. (we just crossed 95!) It is both exhilarating as well as humbling on just how many places around the world my writings show up. With that said it has also been the catalyst for these changes. Here’s a few:

First: With all this growth it has become abundantly clear technically I need to change and revamp how and where the servers that carry my site work and operate together. So with that said MarkStCyr.com will be moving (this is all behind the scenes) and integrated differently than the way it currently stands. The home screen and page will change (as the app link will be dropped etc,) however there will be more features added that many have been asking for such as: audio, and video, subscriber portals, and more.

Second: The overall look of the site and blog will remain however you’ll notice a far more responsive desktop, tablet, phone integration, or as they say “device friendly” feel. Although the current version is responsive as it stands, the newer version is a subtle yet meaningful upgrade.

Third: I like the black with white text look and feel. Having said that there are very few designs I’ve seen (or been shown) that I would have switched the current for. Yes, I could have easily had someone make me a “custom” site but then again like anything I hadn’t seen one worth investing in that made a noticeable worth while difference. Today I believe I found one that satisfied that bar and we’ll roll it out over the next few weeks. Again the changes are subtle and many may not even notice, but the back-end (or stuff that makes it all work) is definitely an upgrade.

With the advent of now reaching millions of readers at any given time I’m using this opportunity to hopefully make the proper improvements to run as seamlessly for the next 5 years as it has for the last.

I’ll write a post detailing more of the milestones in the coming days or weeks. I believe many of you that have been with me a while will find them just as praise worthy as I do. (Personally I’m still in awe of many of them.)

Once again let me finish with stating a sincere thank you, too all of you.


© 2014 Mark St.Cyr