(For those who say I just don’t get it: get this)

You can’t be in the public eye without having detractors. It’s just the way things are. There are always people eager (and far more than willing) to point out when I either make a wrong call, or miss the mark. I honestly wish I had the super powers to be 100% correct in everything I do or say yet, I don’t think that would change the ratio of people who would say I’m wrong or I just don’t get it. Actually, if I did have a 100% record I would wager dollars to doughnuts the amount of people telling me I was wrong would increase!

There are always the one’s who love to point out they counted 5 grammatical errors in one of my posts. Usually when I state: “No there were actually 8.” do they leave me alone and start searching for the other 3. The issue I find over and over, and over again is it’s just far too many people don’t bother to look deeper into almost any business headline. I personally started focusing my writings on the financial markets and more out of the sheer lack of understanding I found present it a great many want to be, as well as budding entrepreneurs. Headlines were all they were aware of and focused on. Personally I found this down right dangerous to the entrepreneur mindset at large. Today, far too many believe if they scan enough headlines – they’re informed. Nothing can be further from the truth. It sounds so nonsensical, yet, it is incredible how pervasive it is.

I’m not some stock analyst, nor do I offer advice of any kind. (nor should anyone ever assume I do) What I do on these pages (and from other outlets) is try to bring some sanity thinking back into the entrepreneurial mindset. I do this because I still feel too few entrepreneurs are using their critical thinking skills only to find themselves burnt out or worse – bankrupt for making foolish assumptions. (I originally was going to name this blog: Making Sense Of The Nonsense)

FTWSIJDGIGT started as a half handed joke at a few detractors that one day wanted to rub my nose in a call I had made. Like I say, no one, and I mean – no one – is going to be right 100%, and just remember, if they are right even just a lot more than others and want to help you with your money, remember this name: Bernie Madoff. Need I say more?

This was all brought back to me in vivid detail when I received a message from someone yesterday. It went something like this:
“The markets are at all time lifetime highs, even Twitter™ was up over 10% yesterday. I guess you should stay away from making any market calls.” Well, as I say, I don’t make calls, I’m not a stock market “guru” or whatever they’re called. But I am a business person and I base what I see or say on business and business principles. Knowing what is going on in the financial markets and why is an imperative skill any entrepreneur or serious business person needs to have with more of an understanding than just casual headline knowledge. Especially today, it’s far too important to any business, Large, or small.

So I went and took a look at Twitter’s stock chart. And indeed it was up 10% yesterday. Sounds like a winner to me also, unless you look at the chart in a broader context. i.e., The beginning. To wit I post the following…

We're gonna be so rich! Wait...What?
We’re gonna be so rich! Wait…What?

This is a weekly stock chart for Twitter since it went public. As of this writing today, even with the “glorious” 10% up day yesterday, everyone that bought into this stock from the beggining has LOST not only money, but maybe some feathers to go with it. I have publicly stated this social media darling was probably the canary in the coal mine to which if I am correct, there’s a lot more pain to come for many others. For one has to remember “this” was “the” stock to watch. Now? Did anyone even know the stock was up 10% yesterday? Nope, not a sound, or should I say chirp?

I just thought it was worth mentioning, but I’m sure I’ll hear more about my punctuation mistakes than anything else. Just saying.

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