A Thought For Today’s Entrepreneur

Many times the well-intentioned entrepreneur doesn’t really grasp the larger picture for growth in the vast economy. Often times this is caused by limited thinking. i.e., Not thinking about larger possibilities. Thinking too small, or limiting their market or business possibilities based on self conceived limitations. Or worse, feelings of inferiority based on not having an assumed alphabet soup after one’s name.

When thinking about the opportunities available to you when you’re daydreaming, or just racking your head against the wall trying to contemplate what direction to go next, try using my take on an old axiom you’ve probably heard since childhood:

“Rules are made to be broken – Laws are made to be exploited.”

Here’s a working example of what I mean by that statement.

The general rule (or as I like to call it: devised group think) is that medical facilities are run and owned by other doctors. That’s not always accurate.

The law is that in order to be a doctor one needs to attend the proper classes and pass the required tests, then be certified by the proper authorities to practice medicine to the general public, and you get to have a variant of credentialed letters after your name sanctioned with the weight of law behind them. All pretty straight forward stuff. i.e., You can only put M.D. after your name if you are an accredited doctor with all that entails, it is illegal for you to do the same if one day you decided to give marriage advice calling yourself the “Love doctor” no matter how brilliant your mother thinks you are.

However, there is nothing stopping you from owning or opening some type of medical facility staffed with some of the most accredited doctors from around the world with more alphabets after their names than one finds in a can of soup.

Many would shudder at the thought through the self-imposed intimidation factor. Yet, if you get that self-limiting overhang out of your way – possibilities suddenly become endless in a great many fields you may have never even thought of before.

Business is business. And the medical business has a great many of the same factors that plague it with inefficiencies ripe for innovation that any other business has. And if you understand true business practices, and know how to choose, motivate, and reward talent. No business should be off-limits to you when exploring the possibilities for growth. Again – nothing!

Remember: A doctor can’t open a business and hire unaccredited staff to dispense medicine. That’s the law. However, there’s nothing stopping you regardless of education from opening a business and hiring accredited M.D.’s to practice. In more cases than not there’s no law against that,  just some self-imposed rule perceived as if.

This is just one example of the myriads of others in this $17 TRILLION dollar economy in the U.S. alone.

What others are available if you’ll just open yourself up to the possibilities?

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr