The More Things Change…

For those who believe today’s business (i.e., entrepreneurship) leadership requires a different set of core understandings than previous times, consider the following:

From the book: The Empire Of Business (1902 New York-Doubleday)

“The businessman pure and simple plunges into and tosses upon the waves of human affairs without a life preserver in the shape of salary. He risks all.” – Andrew Carnegie

And from the book: The Icarus Deception (2012 Penguin Group)

“Leadership puts the leader on the line. No manual, no rule book, no überleader to point the finger at when things go wrong. If you ask someone for the rule book on how to lead, you’re secretly wishing to be a manager.” – Seth Godin

Say what you will, or demand things should be different. However, the issue that has not changed in over a century (and was true well before) is that leaders lead. And when they lead: risk is embraced – not jettisoned. For it’s fundamentally understood and accepted…

Risk is to leadership as air is to breath. Period.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr