From The Upcoming Book: The Busness Of I

A passage or quote from Mark’s upcoming book, The Business Of I. (available later this year)
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“The more barriers removed, or easier a once implausible task becomes to execute: the harder it will become to do just that. Why?
Because, as ease of entry of a once perceived barrier is removed:
the barrier of fear begins to rise and take its place,
becoming even more of a hurdle then its imagined or real predecessors.

Moving through that final self imposed barrier requires you, moving past, you.
For many this is the greatest barrier of all: for it stops one from actually believing in themselves.
It is at this moment people begin the busy work of procrastination.
Appearing to be working and planning great things: Yet will accomplish nothing.
For they get busy blaming the world and point to all the reasons why.
Fooling everyone including themselves that they were busy working to overcome some other barrier,
instead of pushing through their own.”
– Mark St.Cyr