A Thought For Today’s Entrepreneurs: Fear

Fear is a part of business as well as life. Beware of anyone that tells you they are “fearless” in all their business dealings. It’s hogwash.

Fear is real, and fear is a great built-in, hard-wired warning system that automatically will bring attention to something you may at first never considered a threat to both your business as well as bank account. It’s the understanding and discipline of dealing with fear that separates the brave from the fool-hearty.

Brave can win challenging victories others see as impossible or improbable. Fool-hearty usually rides into battle fearlessly: then get their heads handed to them. Understanding which of these two you are whether before, during, or after the battle is a necessary requisite for any entrepreneur. It’s a discipline that is always being honed. The training and retrospect should never end.

The problem today is far too many give fear additional leverage or empowerment by adding in every possible conceivable option that could go wrong, then multiplying that with theories or outcomes so improbable casinos wish they had such odds in their favor.

Taking calculated risks knowing they could go awry is part of being an entrepreneur. And yes, a calculated risk can also include knowing – you could lose everything. Yet the fear of not choosing is far worse than the fear of losing to any entrepreneur worth their salt. It’s part of the game. Period.

When you give fear too much leverage as to paralyze you, what you’ve actually done is turned that fear into more of a decision-making phobia. e.g, The fear of falling off a cliff so overpowers your reasoning and judgment you don’t even approach the ledge at a wading pool for fear of falling in.

Fear is emotion,  fear is real, yet, fear is controllable. Rather than viewing it as some ledge: you should rationally view it as merely the possible stumbling block that it should be.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr