Toot Toot

There’s an old saying: “If you don’t toot your own horn, there is no music.” While in some ways I very much agree with that statement like everything else in life, one should never over do it or else you can be seen as more of nuisance – just like that car alarm that goes off in your parking lot every night. However, this one I feel is worth sharing.

Last weekend I was alerted that my work was carried on the website (ZH) Some of you might just shrug and think , “Yeah so?” and I can appreciate that. However, for those that are “in the know” it’s actually quite a big deal. Let me explain…

ZH has evolved over the last few years in becoming both famous, as well as infamous, for anything regarding Wall Street and the financial markets as a whole worldwide. The site is routinely referenced throughout the media as a source for insights or perspectives on what is taking place within Wall Street and more.

The site has also been the place of record for releasing articles from whistle-blowers within the financial markets where dubious corporate malfeasance, market manipulation via political interventions, and more have been discovered then exposed. (hence the infamous reference)

Many of the highest watched and listened to news and political figures read, as well as quote articles from ZH in their broadcasts. (I am not being coy using the word “highest.” I mean ‘the’ as in take the top 10 in any media, i.e., TV, radio, or print with 10’s of millions of viewers, listeners, or readers, each!)

It is quoted from and used just as if the story or article was coming from an outlet such as The NY Times™ et al. I personally have heard more than one state: (I’m paraphrasing) “The reason why they read it is because, the people writing these are the experts of the experts, the people who truly know and understand what is going on within the markets and the economy.”  I’m not making that up, I’ve heard that very statement nearly word for word more than once, and quite possibly so have you.

For those who might not fully understand let me elaborate why I was so surprised and honored. First, ZH is something akin to a cross between a news aggregate – and a Wall Street whistle-blower safe house. You don’t find them – they find you. They only run articles on their front page that they believe are relevant and insightful enough that gives perspective where either no one is – or no one will. (as an add to, you can’t even get a subscriber account without going through a 2 week waiting process for approval or not. And that’s just to subscribe!)

Just some of the people who have been featured as, or in a Guest Post are notables such as, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Nouriel Roubini, Marc Faber, John Hussman, Bill Gross, Mohamed El-Erian, and many, many other world leaders from both the financial stage as well as the political such as David Stockman just last week, and more. This is quite the assembly in any category bar none. So I was nearly knocked off my chair when I fired up my screen to see – there I was.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 8.27.14 AMI can not tell you how I felt seeing my work there. It was for all intents and purposes exhilarating.

I know people whom I consider smarter, more articulate, and better looking than I who have tried for years to get even a passing mention on this site with no avail. Let me express further why I consider this such a touchstone in my view.

The trading site that I am a regular contributor to is run and owned by Tim Knight who himself is a contributor to ZH. I was always wondering in the back of my mind if someday I might find an article I posted there cross posted by him to ZH. If that event had taken place I would have been ecstatic. However, even people who contribute and read know: It’s one thing to have your work posted by a contributor, it’s quite another to have it picked and posted as a stand-alone by the editorial staff. aka Tyler.

Below is a screenshot of the front page when my article was top story, center placement, above the fold (pertinent newspaper jargon) this past Sunday March 9th.

ZH Front Page March 9 2014Had I been in that top left as a cross posted article available for viewing as I said earlier, I would have been more than excited. However, to see my work in a stand alone piece right there front and center where one reads the likes of articles or contributions by some of the people I named earlier, many of who I have the highest respect and regards for their insights is just hard to put into words for me. As I write this I am still feel as if I won some form of award worth winning.

Personally, I view this in higher standing in my own personal hierarchy of achievements more than if I was in the NY Times, or more. The reason?  It’s possibly easier today to get an op-ed in the Times than a stand alone article here in my view. (At one time that was wasn’t true, but today, just look at Forbes® itself for a clue.)

Years ago I had something similar but far less consequential happen in regards to making the front page of a newspaper.

In my local paper they ran an article as they do with any new business in a locale the brief mention, and small snapshot picture near the back of the paper in the business section. I was delivered the paper and article as a courtesy by the staff writer. No big deal – till I went across the street to the convenient store to see right there in the newsstand another paper.

In the main newspaper that covered our tri-state area (A Pulitzer Prize winning paper I’ll add) there I was in a front page business story. They put my mug on the front page in a picture that took up 2/3rds of the entire front all above the fold. I could nearly believe my eyes. I rushed back to my business to call my wife and tell her the news. She was excited and said, “That’s great!”

Then I called my mother to tell her she’s not going to believe what she’ll see. I went on to tell her: “Ma, you’re not going to believe it, but I’m on the front page of the paper, a huge picture of me and an article, And guess what? It has nothing to do with me being arrested or anything like that.” Her response? “Thank You!”

So if she’s watching (and I’m sure she is) again, this ones for you. And to all of you that have been with me since the beginning, recently found this site, and those that subscribe and continue to join let me say first and foremost a heartfelt thank you to all of you as well. For without your patronage, there would be no reason to write or say a single word.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr