A Thought For Entrepreneurs

Everything in business is about language from rapport, consensus building, mutually defined objectives, outcomes, etc.

As an entrepreneur it is your responsibility to increase your awareness and skill to identify when these are taking place in real-time. It is also imperative to constantly hone that skill.

To give one example, you must be able to identify when either a peer, customer, or more is talking to you, rather than talking at you.

When someone is speaking at the other there is the transfer of words – but there’s no dialogue taking place that can end in any meaningful or beneficial manner.

It is your job and responsibility as an entrepreneur to not only be able to distinguish when this is taking place in real-time, but also to skillfully redirect the conversation back to where a true dialogue transpires. Yet, just as important is the ability and skill to politely end it if a dialogue can not be re-established.

A mutually agreed upon outcome from a dialogue where all parties benefit only happens when both sides understand the other. And that only happens when people talk to others. Not at.

Anything less and your wasting your breath.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr