Why I Say, What I Say, On The Topic Of Everything Social

I’d like to take this opportunity as to express in some other examples why I take such umbrage with so much I see across the web involving the whole social media space, and why I think it’s important to you.

I both see, as well as talk to a great many whom are not only putting the cart before the horse, but think this is perfectly fine because they’ve been convinced by others their horse – is actually a unicorn. It’s one thing to put one in front of the other, but when you start believing in mythical creatures to back up your business plans. You’re going to run into some real issues is all I can say.

The problem here has been the substitution of real business practices, (i.e., making real actual legal tender accepted by a bank as a deposit) glossed over for the proverbial “snake oil” by far too many, Many, that at first blush appeared authentic, but as time has moved on, appear more and more to look like nothing more than shills.

Let me add this for some clarification before I go any further. I’m stating here, some – not all. There are a few (although that number is very small) that truly are authentic, and genius as to their insights of the social media space. But tragically that number is far too few in my opinion.

The issue therefore is how many wide-eyed entrepreneurs buy the proverbial “snake oil” then realize once they’ve been, “had.” Never give the very people who can help them with their challenges a second look. e.g., Just look at the motivational speaker industry as one example.

If you think I’m just trying to express some form of made up outrage as to stand on a soapbox, let me illustrate using the following…

Just recently, I personally was left slack-jawed when I was perusing the web and found one of the so-called social media space “guru’s” website. As I looked I noticed he was critiquing others sites or their presence on the web, both naming names, and posting critiques publicly.

Maybe they asked for his view, maybe they didn’t, either way it had all the appearances to a casual passer-by this was him just “doing his thing.” However, that isn’t the half of it.

As I read further I was stuck that he had a video posted that supposedly was him ranting on why one’s feelings of apprehension on identity issues across the web were wasted thoughts. And, why he doesn’t care and is the reason why “he’s winning.”

Fair enough, only one problem. That video when clicked on has been made “unavailable” and is a blank hole. Also, it had been that way for over a month! I guess the privacy of that video was more private than we were led to believe. But I digress.

Honestly doesn’t it beg the question: If you are a social media guru, along with a self-proclaimed critic/criticizer of others web presence and more. Along with writing books, and charging hefty fees as to instruct others what they should be doing. How in the world can one allow something as obviously damning to one’s own word or ideas stay up for not days, but weeks bordering months? Unless it really is all – do as I say, not as I do. Which is deplorable in my view.

Now you might be saying, Well maybe that was a bad time or he didn’t notice it because he was busy, etc., etc. I would agree with you if it had been a day or even a week. But- week, after week, after week? Sorry, not if you’re claiming people should listen to you and follow your lead. Along with charging them. However, there’s more to this that backs up what I’m trying to express.

This same person also was conducting an online class at a very well-known seminar site where, if people were to sign up and pay for the class, they would receive a free copy of his new book that was just released.

Again, I was left wide-eyed when there on the front page that advertised the class were listed the comments of people who had already both paid and/or taken it. Comments to the effect were (I’m paraphrasing) “Where’s my book? Weeks have gone by and the best answer I can get is a ,”Sigh, we’ll check into it.” from the XXXXXXXXXX customer service? It’s been weeks, and still nothing! If this is what it is – I want a refund!”

The above was the tenor or tone of a few of these comments. Again, smack dad front page for all to see and, these have been up for far more than weeks.

The issue? There they were – with NO response or contradiction from either the seminar site nor the author. Maybe there was a response to these on the authors own site? Nope – nothing. Zip, zero – nada.

Here’s my beef with all this. If this had happened to me I would be outraged. First off, if my people allowed anything as such to be to sitting  on my own website for weeks that was anathema to everything I profess – heads would roll – and they would roll publicly, right on my site.

Also, there is no way I would allow a third-party site to allow comments that scorned me for not doing something that should have been taken care of either by them – or me. If they were allowed to stay there, only one thing can be summarized. Nothing has been done by either. Period.

If the vendor messed up and didn’t fulfill their obligation you could rest assure at the very least, there would be a message on my own site front, and center to anyone that didn’t receive X or Y to contact me directly for fulfillment of my promise.

Then I would threaten the seminar site itself with legal action if they did not either make whole those who had issues, or take down the site and give me the names as so I could make them whole myself, for they would be purposefully inflicting harm on my good name if they continued to leave such things up making me to look bad for their incompetence. I – would not have any of it.

I would do all the above and more, even if it cost me money. Unless – I really didn’t care for the whole thing reeks of “snake oil” as in – do as I say, not as I do.

I mean honestly ask yourself truthfully:  This is the practice or examples one should expect from an “expert?” Hardly, in my view.

I guess all that really matters is – “How’s the book sales going?” And that’s where I take issue with a great many of these social media shills. For I have said over, and over again, “The only one’s making money in social media – are those charging you for their advice on social media.”

For what it’s worth this is far from an isolated indecent. The web is littered with these types of examples.

Again the problem for me is when many unsuspecting entrepreneurs hopes and wishes turn into disillusionment when trying to emulate or put into practice the advice many of these  so-called “guru’s” profess.

For its nothing but wasted time and/or money when the “experts” are saying one thing – and doing another. And that leads many well-intentioned, hard-working, newly minted entrepreneurs, or people with the entrepreneurial spirit disheartened. Which I find reprehensible.

Entrepreneurship is hard enough without trying to weed through the myriad of so-called “experts” telling them they should do one thing, while all the same not drinking their own “tonic.”

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr