When Perfection Is Too Much Of A Good Thing

All of us at times during the decision-making process agonize over which choice is best. Problem is, more often than not, many over think what they should do running smack dab into analysis paralysis.

It’s one thing to be cautious and want to make the correct decision. However, when analysis of what decision to make leads to making no decision, then you need to do something different. Or, you’ll get caught in that vicious circle of beating yourself up knowing: You should be doing something – as you’re doing nothing.

If you’re waiting for the exact moment, the perfect circumstance, or more, chances are greater than a million to one they’ll never be as perfect as you dream they should be. However, there might be a, “just right” time, as opposed to perfect. Yet, if you approach decision-making from the prospective of you’ll only act on perfection, that perfect moment can go sailing by and quite possibly never to be seen again.

When you know a decision has to be made where that decision will call for a next step that will demand immediate action, don’t over think it. Use an evening, a weekend, or even a quick discussion over a beverage with a trusted adviser or friend. Weigh the options out for what’s the worst that can happen, then trust your gut – and move!

Trust in yourself that you’ll learn, acquire, or hire the necessary people or tools down the road as you make your way.

The real reason for contemplation or “think time” is not in the knowing of all the variables to every question or situation that can be contemplated during the decision process. The real reason for why you should need time to think it over is whether or not: You’re truly committed to seeing whatever the project or decision is to be made – through to completion. That is where the true decision lies.

All the rest are details to be filled in later. Your resolution as to keep your commitment to a decision sacrosanct is what needs to be thought about. Nothing else really matters after you think that one through and answer it honestly.

And with practice, most decisions can be made near instantaneously.

Remember:“If you wait for perfection before doing, then perfectly waiting is all you’ll do.”

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr