Can I Get A Rebate (Follow up)

In my last post I ranted about the utterly shocking display of ineptitude with the rebate portion of my recent purchase of a computer monitor. For anyone who may think I might have my standards held just a little too high, or possibly, I had gotten hot around the color when there wasn’t that much of a reason. Let me share with you a follow-up email I just received and point out a few things that should shock anyone in management, let a lone in business.
Below is a verbatim copy with the phone number X’d out.

“Good afternoon Mr. Mini ;

 As per the rebate form that you signed, the requirements from the manufacture was asking for an invoice or a packing, you can retrieve your invoice from the retailer and/or contact them.

 If you want to speak to a live customer service representative we will be more then happy to assist you. Please contact customer service at 1-800-XXX-XXXX M-F, from 9:00 am to 6:00pm (est)

 Thank you.

 Thanks for your email.

 Customer satisfaction is very important to us and as such, we will respond to your email, answering any and all questions within the next 2 business days excluding weekends.

 Additional assistance please contact

Customer Service number 1-888-XXX-XXXX

Please have tracking number readily available before contacting an agent”

First things first…Mr. Mini? Mini was the type of computer I wrote the email from. (an Apple Mac Mini®) In today’s day and age, with the software sophistication available where one can identify exactly what type of computer, IP address, email contact, and more. One would think a multi-BILLION dollar computer manufacturer would be able to at least distinguish my email name from the computer brand. Especially when they are a direct competitor! Not to mention the fact of proving they haven’t looked any further than into their own notes on whether I have a valid argument or not.

Second: “As per the rebate form that you signed?” Is this actually a joke? I could not get to the screen to print the required rebate form unless I PROVED via order#, and invoice# via their own web site. That alone should have nullified the need for any other proof or documentation. Let alone this dog and pony show I have to perform.

So…here’s my response verbatim:

“Dear XXXX Rebates,

 First…My name is NOT Mr. Mini. The ineptitude of your customer service is shocking. If the enclosed isn’t an “invoice” in your eyes, nor better than some packing slip I can’t have a conversation with you. Is your own verification process where I had to prove I owned via order or invoice # at your own website insufficient? I was going to purchase 3 more as to replace my older ones, now …not a chance.

 Don’t contact me again…This episode I’ll use in my classes as a text book example of how to LOSE a customer through customer service.

 Please don’t contact me again.”

Mark St.Cyr

This is what happens when you farm out your customer service and never shop it yourself. If one thinks that in business, dealing with annoying customer issues is something that should be relegated to other departments, underlings, or off shored so one can get down to the business of managing more important things. Don’t worry.

You’ll have all the free time you need when your customers go somewhere else.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr