Answering A Yes and No Question

I was asked by a long time subscriber in reference to my latest series of posts, “Didn’t you once contribute to Forbes®?” Like I said in the headline, yes, but not to the magazine. Let me explain…

When I first retired I had decided to try my hand at putting thoughts to screen (aka, pen to paper). I wanted to also have those thoughts vetted while at the same time hear the opinions of others with similar business acumen. It was the beginning of the financial crisis or there about in 2007 and personally I was frustrated with the lack of both insight as well as true understanding of what was taking place throughout both financial markets as well as business itself.

Since yelling at the television had become not only boring, it seemed to have become the only way I was communicating or announcing my thoughts. (this is one of the reasons I am now so against the stylized idea most have of retirement, for this is what actually takes place more often than not, but I digress.) As I was looking for a true peer group where I might possibly hear or read some true insights from people actually in business whether at CEO or board level I stumbled upon…CEOnetwork®.

At the time this was a very exclusionary network. i.e., One couldn’t just “say” they were a CEO, they had to prove it to gain access to post. So diligent about keeping the standard of C level only participants I was not allowed full access till I sent them a copy of my articles of incorporation.

Personally I believed this was an important differentiation for that network. Nearly 99% of all so-called “business” sites are nothing more than glorified message boards where anyone and everyone not only post opinions, most of these opinions are self-evident to any business person they haven’t a clue of what it takes to be in business. Any true business person (especially C level) can’t be bothered with these, so when I found it, I thought this was a breath of fresh air.

I posted a few thoughts or articles and the debate was lively. Then what seemed like a month or two later I received notice the site was changing. I don’t remember the exact wording but from what I could garner at the time it was either discontinuing or something else. What ever the case, as I once knew it, was ceasing to exist.

Fair enough I thought, maybe it will reform into something even better, who knows. It has come back but for my take, not for the better. Now it’s basically the same as all the others.

I viewed it once over the last few years and that was enough for me, and I haven’t been back except for today. Now it seems dominated by all the other useless click bait trite I see everywhere. i.e., “10 Ways To Make Your Day The Best!” by Joe or Jane Schmoe ABC,DEFG,HIJK, LMNOP. “Entrepreneurs to the Top CEO’s”  It’s just another waste of time site now in my view.

This was when I recognized and decided I could care less about the once highly held brands. For I could feel in my gut, people who wanted real advice or insights would leave or shun those venues more and more over time. It seems once again I was correct. They may be growing, but they’re growing for all the wrong reasons.

Volume of eyeballs over the quality of eyeballs may work temporarily for short-term gains. However, CEO’s don’t want to read or listen to people posting insights that have no true understandings of what it takes to actually run a C level business. i.e., Payroll for 50, 100, 1000+ employees, tax implications, healthcare, union, non-union disputes or strikes. Capital investment, financing, and a myriad of others too numerous to list here. More than that what they really shun is the enumerated articles found across the web today designed to entice a “click.” “10 Ways to Make 10 Million!” etc.

I made the decision back then I could do – or be – one of two things. Try writing my insights and seeing if people found them useful while using myself as a gauge for others where “I not only say it, I did it, and do it. So…so can you!” Or, I could do this all for vanities sake and focus entirely on getting my name or articles into the established media channels. So I decided on the former and here I am.

Currently, I don’t use social media, I don’t tweet. I don’t do any of the so-called “must do’s” you’ll read in the enumerated articles across the web. i.e., “10 ways to get more viewers!” I don’t do comments, I don’t comment on other blogs, and more. Yet…

My articles have been in or referenced by some of the biggest web sites found across the globe. This blog is routinely read in over 60 countries; when I released my first book the documented results are comparable to many known “best seller” releases while being downloaded in over 30 countries the first 72 hours.

All with no PR, no ads, no nothing except word of mouth spread or sharing. With provable math comparable to any ratings agency, my work can be in front of 250,000 viewers or more, anywhere, anytime, around the globe. Again, all this while at a time where “social media” shill’s are stating email subscriptions are dying, this blog still adds to. (I have lost less than a handful over the past 5 years. To me that means a lot.)

It seems the more I stayed away from what everyone told me to do. The better I’ve done. However don’t get me wrong, there is a place for all the above.

Maybe someday in the future I might see things different because the truth be told: I’m just getting started.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr