Lottery Mentality – Lose It

If you’ve ever doubted motivation was more of an inside game rather than outside, i.e., You push yourself rather than needing another to push you. Just ponder this as we go into the new year.

You’ll go out of your way, wait in line, or get dressed after just relaxing in bed, etc., if you believe the goal (or prize) is large enough. An example of this can be shown using the lottery.

How does one feel about missing the chance of obtaining a ticket to play the lottery at $1 million? For most its inconsequential.
How about ….$450 million? I’ll bet (pun intended) quite different.

If you’re like most you probably play the lottery only when jackpot sizes reach proportions where you contemplate the old saying, “I’m guaranteed not to have a chance if I don’t play but, guaranteed a chance if I do.” And, the more the jackpot tallies higher – the more you’ll emphasize the, “I gotta play!” side.

Statistically your chances are about the same as with the smaller winnings, although truth be told your chances are actually increased more in your favor with the smaller jackpots. (fewer players better odds for you) So the question is…

If a chance at winning $1 million, with odds that favor you isn’t enough to motivate some into buying a ticket. Why is it many would do everything in their power, or drag themselves out of bed just after retiring, in a panic, as they remembered they didn’t play. But realized, there’s still time to drive to the store in the freezing rain, cold, heat, whatever so they can have “a chance?”

Usually it’s the size of the prize. Although the rationale is quite telling as in – one couldn’t be bothered at winning a Million dollars? No, they’re not taking a chance or putting themselves out until they get to $100 million or above – because then, we’re talking real money! (This is all for analogy’s sake. I’m not promoting lotteries, gambling, or anything else.)

If you feel the higher the payout – the better. Just remember: Statistically most large payout winners go on to live lives so changed after the fanfare has disappeared, they come to dread the day they won. The never-ending onslaught of friends and family members looking for money, the line of scam artists and more pitching this and that. The loss of friends that no longer act the same toward you along with people who earned their wealth looking upon you as nothing more than a victim of happenstance takes its toll.

Victim? Oh yes…just wait till you have to understand what the accountants and investment advisers begin telling you what you can, or must – should, or could do with your winnings/money.

If you believe or live under the illusion you’ll just “pay” someone to do all that for you, just ask Wesley Snipes or the myriad of others that left all those “details” to others.

So if you want to move away from treating life as a game of chance and move it into a game that’s not only more under your control, but statistically gives you better odds at attainment as well as fulfillment. Just begin treating your goals with the same ferocity and stubbornness as to make sure you’re “in the game” as you would if taking a chance in some lottery.

Treat getting that RFP (request for proposal) out to a client with the same nod to a time commitment as you would some “mega jackpot.” Return that call, write down that idea, send that letter, or anything else, even though you just got under your covers. If it’s important – get up and do it. Trust me you’ll sleep better and more soundly after than if you didn’t.

In this coming year why waste any time on taking chances on hitting some lottery with buying tickets. After all, you can create your own, set the payout, and your odds of winning are exponentially in your favor. And best of all you don’t need to buy a ticket…You get to punch your own!

Think about it.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr