For Those Preparing A New Year Resolution

As many of you know I believe the ritual of “New Year Resolutions” are more in line with wishes rather than resolutions. For 95% of the population they’ll be forgotten by Valentines Day, never-mind following through beyond.

If making a decision that will benefit you or your life is important enough to even contemplate doing, why then would you wait for some arbitrary date as to put it into effect? Honestly, doesn’t that have more in common with  procrastination rather than someone resolute to make a change they believe in?

If you believe a change is needed as to improve your life in any way, shape, manner, or form. Start the process today no matter how small. That’s what the other 5% is doing. And – it’s directly responsible in getting, as well as keeping them there. Regardless of economic conditions.

Ponder this as you work your way through the holidays:

95% of the population (and more than likely your competition) will arbitrarily set their New Year goals along the lines of, “Better living through reduced expectations!”
They see no other alternative and believe they’re just being practical.

The other 5% (by the mere fact you’re reading this puts you there!) hopes that 95% gets their wish.
For they’re busy working, creating, and being resolute for themselves today.

Remember, more than likely, your competition is merely waiting to mark the calendar as to embark on the mediocre.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr