Airing A Few Thoughts

First: Beyonce’
Currently she is all the buzz with releasing her newest album available in album form only, reminiscent of the 1970’s where you had to buy the whole, not pick and choose single songs. It’s been so far a great success. Why? She released it directly via iTunes® with no foreknowledge as to the release date, as well as no media campaign blitz that is currently the norm. She made the announcement only via her social media connections and web site where her fans picked up the ball (or album) and ran with it. However, the reporting on how she has shown you now don’t need marketing per se’ as one once did is a little disingenuous if not bordering on the absurd in my book.

The push to show how “social media” is now the new king or queen maker looks a little over done and over hyped. Using this as the proof positive “social media” marking event or point misses the mark. Actually this doesn’t show anything more than a perfectly executed one-off timing event which in itself – is marketing. (Don’t let me be misunderstood, I do think it was brilliant in idea and execution)

To say Beyonce’ didn’t market this release, or to say, because “no advertising” campaign was used to promote it, disingenuously tries to banish the facts that she is, for lack of a better term, a marketing promotional machine. (Although watching her perform does leave one questioning the machine or human analogy.)

What she has brought to light is what Seth Godin has been championing for over a decade now: Permission marketing, along with building a Tribe.
She has earned the right from her Tribe to communicate with them directly via social media and her own site. Also, she has earned permission to ask if they would like to purchase something she is selling. This is not something that came to light today because she’s suddenly a “social media sensation.” This is a direct result from years of the tireless work ethic, endless interviews or promotions, a relentless touring schedule, and more. What she is now demonstrating are the results available to someone where the power of distribution and more has moved into the performers or entrepreneurs side of the ledger, other than at the mercy of the “corporate elite.”

For it to be spun as if now any performer can just replicate the same tomorrow is a fools errand. The social media aspect as to move a fan base to action comes – after – not before the hard work of building that tribe. Along with gaining the trust of that very tribe as to gain permission to offer them something for sale. For if it were the other way around: We would be talking about the newest release made by a cat from LOLCats because after all, they are still the social media stars with so many “hits” it would make Beyonce’ blush.

Next: Phones on planes.

Well…the first thing that crossed my mind when typing the above was a vision of the movie, Snakes on Plane. (2006 New Line Cinema) For me personally; making, taking, or speaking on a cell phone is as normal to me as chatting with someone in public. It has nothing to do with the act, for we all do the equivalent everyday ourselves when we’re talking to someone at diner, traveling with a companion whether it be a car, train, boat, or more.
What has everyone (including myself) wrought with fear is being next to that person we’ve all been next to, or heard 100 yards away speaking on their phone as if there were connected by string – not technology. Where the louder you yelled, the greater the clarity. (It wasn’t for string vibration efficiency. It was you could actually hear the other kid via the screaming!)

There is nothing wrong with conversing on a phone as long as etiquette in voice modulation is your first concern. Just as if conversing to someone in the next seat about the weather, no one is going to think twice nor bat an eye. Yet, if you were to use pro-fain language where everyone around you is within earshot along with laughing and making a ruckus due to your conversation. Does it matter if there’s a phone involved or not? Hardly.

The reason why most will have their blood run cold as to whether or not they allow phone usage on flights is for that exact reason. Today, it’s also nearly impossible for anyone – including flight crew – to bring to the attention of the disturbing adults as to tone it down without a tirade of insults or worse being thrown by the “offended” party.
In this day and age where people have little to no social skills (yet they are proficient in “look at me” social skills on-line) we all know there are going to be issues. And – none of us want to be there when the inevitable fireworks happen.

For my part, I’m considering visiting NetJets® which is headquartered exactly 2.5 miles from my current residence. Because believe it or not, although traveling First Class may have its benefits: The first people you’ll hear at the back of the plane on phones won’t be coming from the rear of the plane rather…

It’ll be coming from someone seated next to me at the front.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr