Adventures In Stupidity: Empowered Stupidity

The problem today is many believe or feel they have no “power.” They work or perform some medial tasks or worse, they are in positions where they should be given or empowered with the ability to make a judgement call when it is needed. However, they are left with little to none. i.e., A cashier can’t open their register to make change without a manager approving that they may actually go into the register and handle the money – even though that is their designated job. I mean really – If you don’t trust them enough to open a drawer without supervision, then why exactly are they cashiers?

Then there’s when the whole empowerment issue gets turned upside down. Where people who have no common sense suddenly seem to take the whole “empowerment” thing to a level not only passed stupid, but rather, begins to come so full circle that stupid looks smart compared to their decisions.

For this there were two examples – that for my money – take the cake for this years dumber than dumb award.

First you have some school officials charging (yes – filing actual legal complaints) a six-year-old boy with sexual harassment for kissing his “thought to be” girlfriend on both the hand and cheek. If this isn’t a case of some one taking themselves a little too serious. Than their only defense for not being the most foolish is saved only by what happened this same week involving a security agent at a U.S.A. carrier screening area.

This agent felt the need to both publicly humiliate and detain a person from boarding a plane because they seemed to have detected a weapon in her belongings. The weapon? A toy gun and holster that was part of a cowboy ensemble that dressed her Sock Monkey® puppet that was approximately less than 6 inches long.

No, not the toy gun was 6 inches long. The monkey stood approximately six inches tall. The toy pistol was smaller than a quarter! (A U.S. official 25 cent coin) Your finger tip is larger than what was called into question. Yet, detained, humiliated, and nearly missing their flight till finally a cooler head prevailed, and the threat of charges were dropped so people were able to go about their way.

If the above two examples weren’t cause enough for one to shake their head. The final act in this trilogy of stupidity must end with the person hired to sign for the deaf at Nelson Mandala’s final celebration.

This person it has come to be known, had absolutely no idea of what he was doing. He was moving and flailing his hands around next to world leaders from nearly every country on the globe. Yet – he was a fraud.

Only after a myriad of people from around the globe (actual deaf viewers watching and scratching their heads) then calling attention to him via the authorities in South Africa was this person’s sham unmasked. What was really amazing about this story? It wasn’t his first time. He has done this more than once and for other important events or dignitaries.

Apparently he believed he was so good at this fraudulent act that not only did he get away with it once. He felt empowered that his skills were so good he was ready for the biggest audience, on the largest of stages, broadcast around the globe.

He must have thought to himself : “You can do this!” I mean – just how stupid does one have to be? (But that’s rhetorical is it not?)

Personally this week takes the cake for me. I can’t remember so much adventure crammed into one week. Although, we ain’t done yet right? For there’s almost 3 full weeks left to go. And at this rate who knows what’s next.

To top that you’d have to tell me something like you’d see world leaders taking selfies, laughing and joking at a funeral remembrance. I mean c’mon.

You’re joking right?

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr