A Thought For The Week Of Thanks

As we get ready hustling and bustling for not only Thanksgiving but, for the holiday season itself. I thought many of you may need a little reflection or perspective to add to the list of thanks over the next few weeks.

Many of you might be contemplating putting things off till after the holidays both in personal, as well as business matters. Some will use these times as an excuse to postpone business matters such as, trying to get that meeting or, not follow-up as one should under the guise of, “I can use the excuse it was the holidays, etc.” The issue here is that’s exactly what 90% if not more of your competition will do. Don’t let that be you.

I have expressed many times:

“All one needs today as to leave any and all competition behind is to run and/or act, no matter the profession, with impeccable business practices, and you’ll have no competition. Reason? 99% of your competition believes because they have a degree of any sorts. Or, just because they opened a business, that they are “professionals.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Professionalism is way of conducting business, not just being paid in one”

So as you’re giving thanks in any of your entrepreneurial pursuits whether it be for new, present, or future clients just remember: Be the professional that is so lacking in today’s business environment. Be such a professional in the way you conduct your business – your clients are just as happy or thankful they decided to business with you.

This is how your business side shares in the bounty of thanks that’s just as important as sharing with family. For after all, don’t both sides benefit from each other?

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr