Just A Note On Some Updates And/Or Coming Changes

Hello everyone V.V. here,

Just wanted to touch base and tell you about some changes we’re working on for the blog and remind some and inform others on a few features you may not be aware of.

With an ever-increasing readership from around the globe we like to take times like these and remind readers that have been here since the beginning and inform others that may have just recently joined the ever growing readership.

So not in any meaningful order…

Mark’s blog is an “advertising free zone.” Although it does have what appears (or looks hauntingly similar) to advertising widgets on its right side. They are placed by us for what we feel is relevant info or links to Mark’s products or services. Not some ad placed by any agency. What you won’t see any time here is “banner ads” or “pop ups.” So we don’t want you to feel nervous that you might click into some black hole mistakenly or worse. And as we state right at the beginning, if you ever subscribe to the blog: “We won’t sell, rent, or give your email to anyone. Period.”

The look and feel of the blog is reverse type. In other words, black with white text. Although some argue against such ascetics this is what Mark wants and likes. Years ago the arguments (difficult to read) made sense. But that was before the white text was actually lit eliminating the argument of difficulty in low light settings. With that said there is a way for you to view the articles in white – black text format and clutter free. Just use Mark’s app that’s available in iTunes®. It’s FREE and also ad free. It will give you about 10 or so of the latest postings on the blog. Again..both ad and distraction free. (Just to show how far ahead of the pack he is at times. Mark was one of the first people to have a dedicated app to his writings along with Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki when app’s were seen as a fad and the iPad® itself was being laughed at across the media landscape as a colossal naming mistake destined too fail.)

We are looking into making changes in the look or feel of both the blog as well as the main website. How much or how little is in the discussion stages. We don’t plan on anything major. More or less just some updating. (Unless Mark changes everything. As he always seems to do.)

The blog for those not aware is hosted on WordPresss.com (WP). There are many options on how or the way this blog can be made to look on different mobile platforms. We have chosen NOT to go with a mobile theme. In other words not to allow or change the look and feel of the blog itself arbitrarily by some mobile format. Both Mark as well as us prefer the look and feel of the site as it’s shown in full view. We try very hard as to make it as distraction and mobile friendly in its full form as possible. We Do Not freeze the layout. Unlike some others you can just tap your screen on iPad® and the screen will inflate pushing off the right sidebar and hiding our widgets from view. (Some don’t as advertisers don’t want users to have the ability to hide their ads. For some if you can do that, the barrage of “pop up ads” increase near mercilessly. (Which is exactly why Mark’s site is “ad free.”)

A video series is currently in the works. The style and format are coming together. They’ll be short and to the point. A release or trial run should be available before the end of year. We’ll let you know as soon as roll out becomes available.

Don’t forget there is also Mark’s podcast that’s available in iTunes®. Mark is working on another series that we will be adding there also. Again, stay tuned.

This is just the short list. Mark is working on other projects as well due for release early 2014 such as another book announcement, workshops, speaking engagements, and more. As always we’ll post them as soon as there’s something relevant to say.

Although some have asked, Mark, at this time still has no interest to have his own Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn®, YouTube™, or many other pages. (which he’s expressed many times why in writings on the blog) Although many of Mark’s articles have been both posted or referenced across some of the largest media sites around the globe. When it comes to “social networking” he believes, “If you think it’s worth sharing, by all means share it!” The share buttons are located at the bottom of every article. Mark believes there’s far more credibility in you stating you read something and want to share it rather than Mark trying to push it. This mere change in attitude make you the reader…a leader of providing information. Sounds a little corny we know but, it’s closer to the truth and more powerful if you really think on it.

Let me (and of course also Mark) finish with a grateful and heartened thank you to all our subscribers both old as well as new. And to all the readers that routinely visit Mark’s blog from around the globe. (Now well over 60 countries and counting!) Again, thank you!


V.V. StreetCry Media

P.S. For those wondering… “Audio book?” Yes, as I’ve said many times, it’s close unless Mark changes something…again! Well guess what? Yep…and as always, I’ll keep you posted.