Profiting At The Bottom Line™

This month’s focus: Social Sales Advice

Opinions are free – not a dime a dozen. Sometimes they arrive at your door when you never even asked. Yet, there it is. Then just like gum on your shoe, the more you try to scrape it off, the more it strings itself along entangling itself more with every move you try to rid yourself of it. Welcome to “Social Media Sales Advice.”

True advice is something you seek. Something you ask for, and something you’ll follow once received. More often than not (meaning unless it’s from a family member of confidant) If it’s worth anything – you’ll pay for it. The reason? It’s worth it because of the verifiable returns in value it delivers.

Social media and sales based on social media strategies are mostly embellished opinions of what they “believe” you’ll accomplish using their strategies. However, they will try to charge you handsomely for these opinions.

Don’t be intimidated by all the “You need to be there” or “Your company needs to be doing this or you’re missing X” sales pitches thrown at you. Most of it is bunk. And I mean – Unicorn and Tooth Fairy bunk.

If you want to apply social media strategies to your business or, you want to use some internet borne sales force that supposedly will drive sales your way, (Just sign with your credit card info here!) The first and only question that must be asked then answered is: If I spend X – My expected return is Y – Based on Z’s verifiable prior results.

If you can not put real numbers into X,Y, or Z. Then you would be best served not to do anything – until you can. Period.

After all. One of the largest companies (and quite a few others) on the web today, that is an internet sensation, whose sole business is to drive sales with force, sending profits to your bottom line. Is itself – unprofitable.

But they do have a great “Social Media” presence.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr

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