The Entrepreneurial Craving

The pull of entrepreneurship is very much like a craving. If you’ve ever had the craving for a specific food item such as an Asiago cheese bagel, or slice of smoked salmon, or a Sicilian black olive, or a _________(fill in the blank) you know there’s nothing that will satisfy that craving until you finally get your hands on some.

You can eat the cupboards or refrigerator bare yet, until you partake in what ever that craving is – nothing seems to satisfy. All the worlds most delectable morsels costing exponentially more than anything should will pale in comparison if all you crave is a Twinkie®. Entrepreneurship is not that far removed from this metaphor.

If the craving for conducting your life or business, on your own terms, has found its way into your psyche (like some craving) the only thing that’s going to satisfy it – is to partake in it.

You don’t need to venture off and start your own business (although if that’s your wish that’s your decision to make) however, what you do need to do is venture away from the pack who let life happen to them and induce your entrepreneurial spirit and decide to start making life happen for you. Right where you stand.

Until you decide to break free from the crowd, that craving will always be there, unsatisfied, with a feeling of wanting. The aroma will always seem to be around, allusive. Reminding you.

The beauty is you don’t need any 24 hour marketplace to find it. You have it already, right where you least suspect it. Everything you need is right there – In the mirror.

Now all you need to do is decide if you want it as bad as you craved.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr