Making The Grade

Far too many entrepreneurs fall victim to either leaving business on the table or, leave business at the door because they run for the exits before asking for the business.

The reason for this type of behavior is they see themselves at some level below their prospects stature or, they don’t believe in themselves enough to actually deliver what they know they can. The fear of failure moves directly past performance anxiety (not passing GO or collecting $200) directly to inferiority complex.

If you don’t look at the person you wish to do business with as a peer – they’ll never look at you any different from anyone else either. You need to drop any feelings of superiority, inferiority, or any other type of “-ority” from your mind-set.

Become resolute in your own opinion, that you, are in a discussion about acquiring business because you can demonstrate value which they can acquire by using you. Period.

The moment you decided to become an entrepreneur you passed the test, made the grade, _______________(fill in the blank). Now it’s all about presenting your value proposition to a potential customer. Whether they be a rocket scientist or, worlds richest. It doesn’t matter. If you offer value and can demonstrate using you is to their benefit. That’s all that matters.

Here’s a test to prove my point. Ready?

You are about to enter a meeting as to explain your value proposition to a conference room full of Ph.D’s, world leaders, brain surgeons, and more. Before you enter the building you find a $100 bill on the ground.

Inside at the meeting you open with the story relating to finding the bill. Suddenly everyone in the room begins asking you to sell it to them for $50, $60. $63, and increments of pennies higher. The rationale they give you is that you found the money, so anything they give you in exchange for it is 100% pure profit. Besides they imply: How can they be wrong? After all you’re surrounded by quite possibly the greatest collection of minds gathered in one meeting, in one room, and they all agree. You should take any of their offers! (Albeit the highest one now at $73.66) So do you?

Of course not. Even if you never graduated H.S. you know the value. And, just because someone has some form of alphabet soup after their name is meaningless to the discussion.

The only thing you must continually remind yourself of after passing this test is:

You, are the hundred dollar bill.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr