Motivation Follow Up

A short time ago I posted my thoughts on motivation and where or, what I plan to do about different offerings in the near future.

I posited one of the reasons pushing me was a surprising amount of web traffic one of my sites was receiving. As I stated then, it’s been pretty much in a state commonly referred to as, “place holder status.” (For those not familiar with the jargon, it basically means unfinished, yet live to the world.)

I was asked in an honest fashion if there really was a pick up or, was I trying to use some form of hype as to push interest. It was a fair question and answered giving my thoughts and reasons why. However, they are just my thoughts, being stated (or insinuated) as fact, by me, about something I am about to embark on. Personally, I can see the reason to question bias myself – in me! So why wouldn’t someone else? I then embarked on doing a little more research as to add some bonafide facts or at the least, add more weight for credibility to my thesis. If for nothing else than to make sure I was thinking squarely.

As many of you know I like to use either myself, or something tangible as the example. I believe credibility is what’s needed now, more than ever.

Below is a screen shot using Google Trends™ in a simple search of; if, how, and by what intensity, people are looking for motivational input they can use.

As of the week Aug. 26, 2013
As of the week Aug. 26, 2013

As one can see. The more challenging the economy, the more people are/will search for ways in order to help them move through their challenges. Sounds intuitive at first blush yet, think about how many of these so-called “gurus” you can recall hawking programs and more to motivate you along with a host of other “snake oil” hawkers during the “good times?” i.e., 2005-6-7. Most of them are nowhere to be found. Even on late night infomercials. That alone should tell you something.

Hopefully today’s searchers are looking for better tools they can understand or, put to use. Why else would one do such a search if they’re not looking for something useful? At least that’s how I’m interpreting the data.

I also believe: It’s for anything but some pie in the sky nonsense. i.e., “I read someone’s book that made a billion, now I hope I can make a buck selling something to you.” type books and seminars. And, for the record…

When times are challenging, it’s far more work for these snakelike “gurus” as to, “dog and pony show” you from your hard-earned money. You might actually want or insist on some form of tangible proof (Oh, the humanity!) that what they’re offering will actually work or, at least have a possible real world chance.

And they aren’t motivated enough to give you such a thing. After all, for them, that’s too much like work.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr