Stop Waiting Because Nobody’s Coming

One of the worst self-fulfilling cycles where doom and gloom can set in, then both feed and amplify its effects on anyone is in the dreaded: Waiting for someone to come save you.

Of course this is a generalization. However, the analogy is based in some hard lessons learned from others over the years across the spectrum of life.

Just as in survival tactics, many times waiting for help is exactly what you shouldn’t do. More often than not – you need to seek it. Getting into the “hunkering down” mindset can feed upon itself (as well as you) without you noticing the effects till far down the rabbit hole.

Action trumps reaction. Taking control where you decide that you’re going to be the proactive measurement in a given situation, as opposed to waiting for some action, is the mindset that propels you forward. If you’re stuck – you need action. And, that action begins with you doing the pushing – first. And – now!

Technology today is a great benefit when used properly. It can keep you “in the loop” as to not miss important information or “that call” when you need it. However, it’s a double-edged sword.

Waiting around for the phone to ring, bleep, or whatever can be both self-defeating as well demoralizing when that’s all you seem to be doing. You need to get busy doing anything that’s in line with moving you towards your goal or goals.

Make other people’s phone ring as in getting appointments. Get proactive – now! Just don’t confuse proactive with some form of busy work.

Checking the social or business networks every 30 seconds as to see if someone left a message where they just offered you some six figured salary with stock options and needs your response now or it’s gone – is a fool’s errand. No matter what others say. Period.

If you’re busy making things happen (no matter what “things” may entail, as long as it’s worthy of actually being paid as in legal tender) then get busy doing it.

If you have a great idea trust me when I say this; nobody cares more than you to make it happen. So go make it happen. Waiting does only one thing – it encourages or causes more waiting.

There’s something inherently freeing when one decides they will wait no longer, do or die, they’re going to move (or do.) Waiting for the phone or computer to ring or bleep can turn into nauseatingly wasted emotional roller coaster rides.

Just ask yourself what’s better or more productive? Making yourself so busy as in needing to stop what you’re doing, as to make time to answer or receive a message? Or…

Sitting around waiting (or checking one’s status every 30 seconds) for a message only to find the ones that do come in are of the “un” wanted variety? i.e., You’ve just been un-liked, un-followed, un-friended, un- whatever.

One thing you won’t be is unhappy when you move on your own initiative instead of waiting for someone else to initiate something.

Don’t wait for the knock – Get busy and knock yourself out!

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr