Moving The Needle On Motivation

I wanted to share a few things that are currently taking shape behind the scenes that I’ve been contemplating from both my writing, speaking, and more.

As some that subscribe or visit my site on a normal basis know, this blog is my “window” as well as my “soapbox” to express what’s on my mind, how I may view current events as they pertain to entrepreneurs, and more. I will at times when expressing why one should try this or that use myself as the example. i.e., I have actually done “it,” or currently doing “it.”

Sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong. Yet I’m both willing and comfortable enough in my own skin to state it (when proven wrong, not simply called wrong) as well as willing to change tactics or directions in the face of new or recently discovered evidence.

However, one thing that hasn’t changed is my adamant distaste with the deplorable shape and quality of most “motivational” speakers, seminars, as well as the majority of trite sold which leaves many even more dispirited or unmotivated than they first were.

I started both this blog as well as my writing and speaking in direct opposition to the “snake oil” hawkers. Knowing full well I would be lumped into the whole genre which has become a mockery of anything motivational in the eyes of most people. (If you want to see people roll their eyes just tell them you do any sort of motivational speaking.) Yet, that doesn’t mean people don’t want or need it. What they don’t want or need is fairy-tales. Or, as I’ve said repeatedly, “romance novels for business.”

So, in all this light let me share a few things I’m both working on, as well as expanding in the coming months (and further forward) from here.

For those not aware (I state this for any new visitors as well as the new traffic we receive from around the globe.) I had started another project affectionately named “Motivate Yourself To Riches.” (MYTR) Originally I had planned on releasing a book as well as other initiatives under that banner when I changed and decided to first write, “A Fist Full Of Mark’ers” (FFOM). So I put that project on the back burner.

When I first released FFOM I was experimenting with the audio delivery and presentation. (Yes, I’m still working on the audio but, that’s for another post) I released it in what some might refer to as a “beta” version. In other words not perfect (possibly not even close) to the final version, however, I made it available for free via iTunes® as a podcast format under the MYTR banner or site.

This seemed like a great fit since it was a work in progress and since the MYTR site was dormant. (many know it’s been available there since the original launch of FFOM) Yet as they say, “You just never know…”

Now I knew it was getting some traffic however I payed little to no attention to it. (The actual site has been in place holder format and not even fully operational) I’ve been immersed in other projects with FFOM as well as being discombobulated with moving my residence from KY to OH this summer. (I’m just now feeling normalcy beginning to take shape)

So last week I decided to do a Google® search on MYTR. For laughs I ran the search criteria using no quotations, clear of cookies, and more just to see where it might turn up in the hierarchy. When it came back I nearly fell out my chair. (V.V. at StreetCry had similar results) Below is a screen shot.

MYTR in #1 position of resulting 58 Million
MYTR in #1 position of resulting 58 Million

Some may be shrugging thinking “So what?” which I can understand. However, for those that understand statistics, especially in search results hierarchy, you don’t get the #1 position in a tens of millions result query using words that are known SEO (search engine optimization) darlings where brands (as well as individuals) pay big money to manipulate unless you are actually getting noticeable traction or traffic that pushes you to the top of that list. Never mind not trying to manipulate it or specify the criteria yourself by employing “quotes” and other drill down modifiers. Honestly without the ” ” modifier, I honestly thought maybe, just maybe, I would begin to show up on about page 4 or 5. But, 1st? Absolutely not. (Bear in mind I also don’t use “social media” which all the “gurus” state must be employed – or they’re unemployed.)

I was actually stunned to see I was above Mr. Chandler whom by the way is a favorite of mine and, he along with some other quite famous names were actually going to allow me to use some of their work on this site when I first created it. Speakers like Mr. Chandler and some others (for brevity I’m not naming them all here but, they are out there) are truly both generous and the real deal in my book. There are far too few of them in or left in the genre today. I’ll write that story and the motivation behind the original idea of MYTR but for now – that’s another post.

So what might you ask is this all about. Well, in all it’s just a long way of saying when most were telling me the “motivation industry” was dead and no one listens or wants that type of crap anymore they were correct.

What they were possibly incorrect about and what is now becoming clear is that there is thirst for, and quite possibly a re-birth of motivational writing and/or speaking that people both want and need. With yours truly helping to lead the pack. (Think I’m off base? Just look at the coverage today of Ashton Kutcher’s channeling of Steve Job’s famous Stanford speech at the Teen Choice Awards™ Ceremony.)

So watch for coming details on changes and future plans for MYTR with some other projects in the coming future. I’ll post and you’ll see them here first as always.

And, thanks to all of you for coming here and reading, watching, or listening to my offerings. Giving me the opportunity to either get it right, or get it wrong, or, to try again.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr