FFOM’ers Audio Book Update

We just wanted to touch base as to let you know the audiobook version of Mark’s “A Fist Full of Mark’ers” is continuing to taking shape.

Once again the only issue has been time and timing. We’re currently looking at a release date sometime late fall. (Maybe even sooner if we can just get Mark to not change something…Again!)

As we’ve stated before:

“Unlike other books on business or entrepreneurship, this truly is a re-design of the whole idea of just how the message, thoughts, premise, or ideas will be expressed in today’s new world of delivering insights. The style, format, presentation, and more is absolutely unlike anyone else on the world stage of success or business today.”

We as well as Mark are fully aware some will love it, some will hate it, and some will shrug. All we know is this: You won’t confuse Mark’s work with anyone else. Which is exactly the point.

So in that light here’s another sample of what it’s shaping up to look or sound like. We hope you enjoy and, if you like it please feel free to share it anywhere you like. (Please don’t spam anyone!)


V.V. -StreetCry Media


Emotion vs Logic Is The Wrong Debate

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