Please Stop Telling Me: “I Matter”

If you’re in the field of sales and you are not well within sight or, currently earning a six figure income. I would wager dollars to doughnuts you are well versed in every cliché ever muttered or newly coined. i.e., “Your call matters to us.” et al. However, in reality, your potential or current customer thinks: “You’re full of it.”

If you have voice mail where I can leave my name, return #, a message that I want to purchase and you don’t call me back in (let alone) hours, but rather for days where I have to leave another message? Sorry – I don’t matter, and you don’t care. Period.

If you picked up my call on the second ring like all the “Customer Service for the Dumbest” books told you to do. Yet, now that I’ve purchased I can’t get a call returned within 24 hours – you’re not a “salesperson.” You’re an order taker and deserve the wages paid for such.

If you’re a true salesperson with the quest to earn income awarded to the profession such as, writing ones own ticket, with unlimited income potential, what you won’t need to do is tell me: “I matter!”

I’ll know it through your service, which tells me all I need to know. While at the same time will gain you the gold standard award only given to the best of the best, which is why they earn the “big money.”

Unsolicited referrals and praise.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr