Profiting At The Bottom Line™

(I decided to change the name of this monthly memo to the above header. The former “How to make sales that influence the bottom line” just never fit right with me. It just sounded too remedial in nature. Although the memo is designed to be easily understood or implemented for anyone at any level, it just sounded to “how to-ee” if there is such a word. So here’s the newest version. As always feel free to share.)


This month’s focus: The sale isn’t made till the check clears.

Far too many believe their part in the transaction process of a sale is complete once a client or potential client signs or says “yes” to a purchase. It’s not.

Contract law allows people time to rescind transactions within a given time frame depending on both the type as well as the geographic location. Just when you thought it was sign sealed and about to be delivered, it gets cancelled, torn up, and refused on delivery. Don’t take anything for granted – ever.

You might have made a fantastic presentation and feel as if your newest client is now also your new best friend. However, that can change quickly if the delivery driver (yours or someone else) has a run in that ends in a verbal shouting match because of a myriad of unforeseen reasons. (delivered to the wrong door or, at the wrong time)

Or worse – you thought their account was verified for credit terms only to receive a call from an irate new customer wondering why his order came in C.O.D. and was asked for payment or no delivery in front of customers giving an impression he can’t get credit. All because your credit department mistakenly didn’t set him up in the system. (happens far more often than one thinks)

You need to follow through checking for every i do be dotted, and t to be crossed. It’s up to you as a salesperson as well as an entrepreneur to make sure you’ve done all you can and follow it through to its final conclusion.

If you leave things to chance as in, “I did my job.” You just may find you can lose both the sale as well as your job if others don’t do theirs. For what ever the reason, be it by others mistakes or incompetence.

A sale isn’t a sale that considered complete till the product is delivered, the bill is paid (within the specified terms) and the check has cleared the bank.

Till then it’s still only a sale “in progress.” Which means it’s still your responsibility to ensure completion.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr

Profiting At The Bottom Line™ is a monthly memo, which is pithy, powerful, and to the point. It focuses on innovative techniques and or ideas that you can put to work immediately in your daily or business life.