Youth Is No Longer Wasted On The Young

There was a time not all that long ago when I was growing up. I would hear the phrase, “Youth is wasted on the young.” from a variety of adults whether family or others. Today that phrase just doesn’t fit as well as it once did.

“Youth” today is being enjoyed far longer, and by even more adults than ever before. The issue today is far too many are not taking advantage of probably the greatest opportunity for wealth creation, business formation, or just about anything else.

This truly is a “golden age” for adults with a youthful outlook in my view, unlike ever in history. However, with one caveat. Only if you’re brave enough to relinquish any of your old beliefs about your age. You need to jettison that “old baggage” not for “new ones,” rather – for no bags at all.

What I’m arguing here has nothing to do with surgical make overs or, any other procedures that require anesthesia. What I want to express has all to do with what’s between your ears. Controlled only by you and your perceptions. With that said let me give you a few reasons why I believe what I do.

If one were to remove the limiting blinders or preconceived notions of “age” and look at the current state of affairs form an unobstructed view from 50K feet or so. The world is a wash with opportunities. Opportunities that a youthful eye can see. The inexperienced eye of youth? Most wouldn’t see it if it was staring them in the face. (or their smart phone)

Not that long ago, all this new technology seemed as if you had to be a “kid” to use or understand it. Not any more. Today’s technology is getting far more user-friendly than ever before. The resources one has at their disposal to conduct business, influence thoughts or ideas, and the myriad of others is limited only to one’s belief: The belief one is too old as to exploit it and compete. Period.

Let me ask this question: Who exactly is better prepared for today’s economy?
A 26-year-old fresh out of Harvard with no experience in both the business world as well as the real world of life? Or…
A person twice the age or even more with both business as well as life experience under their belts? (If your first thought was the 26-year-old because of a hiring or job related affair – you just proved you have a baggage issue)

As of this writing the world stage is in a state of flux. From the financial to the political. Businesses once thought unshakeable have been shaken to their very core. New technology has disrupted the “old guards” with new innovations and more. (Think NY Times™ and print of any type against today’s web.) Just who should be better suited to understand the complexities and adjust or take advantage of them? (this is about world views or big picture thinking, not about any certain event happening currently so please – save the emails)

Experience, insight, and the willingness to put ideas into motion trump everything. Just think of the prowess or advantage one has in debt related or overhead related decisions as compared to someone with no real-time understanding of such matters.

Whom do you think will tow the line more taught?  Someone that worked and dealt in real-time through the banking crisis of the 80’s along with the melt down of 2008? Or, someone who believes the 80’s are well – “So 80’s?”

As long as your mind is active and acute to the possibility that opportunities abound. The opportunities are multi-fold as well as multifaceted. Better yet the tools available as to exploit those opportunities are here as never before. Along with many being not only affordable rather, in some cases free.

Competing is not a young persons game. It’s a competitors game. Youth is a state of mind. You either want to compete or you don’t. The “age” thing is only an excuse. Nothing more.

Yes, I hear many of you saying to yourselves, “Yeah, but I’m not as healthy as I once was.” Sure, I understand that. I will only say this. The tools as to compete even if you are not in optimum health are here that were absolutely unimaginable just 30 to 40 years ago.

People that were once confined to their homes or bed ridden for what ever the reasons can now conduct business, express their thoughts, have impact and more around the globe. It’s just their frame of mind to take advantage of the opportunities that’s the most limiting factor. It’s the mind – not the body.

One feels “old” or experiences those limiting beliefs that “youth” (as in age) is what they lack when they look at the world through “old eyes.” Springsteen wrote a song “Glory Days” back in ’85.  Although it’s not exact, it does express a point of people just reliving the old and trying to recapture it. If you find yourself doing that more often than you care to remember – Stop it! To reminisce is one thing. To romanticize is quite another.

If you’re long since the age of adulthood, there’s some very simple things you must get out of your mind.

You’re not going to play Varsity football again. Or, hit the stage in some Miss America® pageant anytime soon. Those days are gone. However, while the “youth” are competing for the trophies that now everyone gets just for showing up. You can compete in creating a sports franchise that players want to play for. Or, start a pageant of your own that one day has more credibility than the ones of today. This is where the mind of “youth” competes.

If you think you can’t get a job because of your age – Stop thinking and go out and create it. If you think you’re “too old” to compete – you are. It’s a belief – nothing more.

However, if you think youth is a state of mind that has nothing to do with age. Than you are at the fore front of one of the all time greatest opportunities in human history for your talents, honed by experience and insight. They can be used, exploited and capitalized upon as never before in history. All you need to do is believe it.

With computers, smartphones, mobile devices, apps, and so many others I can’t possibly write them all. You’re only limited by how you limit yourself. Technology once the bastion of only so-called “youths” is now far more exploitable for business, wealth creation, and a whole lot more than ever before.
The only issue is if you’ll see it with “youthful” eyes.

After all: You’re competition is mostly using it to see themselves.

Think about it.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr