Unplugging From The Static

I received a professional query as to give my thoughts on the idea or benefits for unplugging sort of speak from social media. Below is my response:

Today’s social media tends to allow one the excuse of looking or feeling busy when what might be needed is exactly the opposite: To sit quiet, uninterrupted. To think, or be alone, immersed in ones thoughts. Far too many are missing this important part of life.

To borrow from the adage of Bernard Shaw, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
In today’s all-encompassing world of social media the issue hasn’t changed. It’s still:  The illusion something worth while or profitable is taking place.

There is a need more than ever to unplug from “Social Media” as to allow oneself to ponder insights or other variables uninterrupted. Free from distraction. Time to contemplate business objectives, life directions, and more. Noiseless private time alone with one’s self.

If one can’t go the day without checking into their social network. Then it’s quite obvious one has moved their most important aspect for validation from inner – to outer. If you think I’m wrong try this simple test:

If you go the day without checking in to any form of “social media” what were your thoughts constantly focusing on or, switching to? You? Your life? Or, what you’re missing or missed?

If you find at the end of the day “checking in” seems akin to feelings of relief. Well – need I say more?

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr