Conquering The Globe!

I was made aware and sent the following screenshot from one of my readers.

My article in Belfast Ireland(Although I’ve found my articles either referenced by or, on the pages of major media sites across the globe, this one is special to me. Having grown up with Great Grandparents who were first generation Irish. I found myself laughing inside thinking of their reactions if they saw the above screenshot.)

As I’ve expressed in some of my workshops on the very topic of writing. You can’t be afraid to put your intellectual property (IT) out there worrying that someone is going to “steal” it.  There are ways to protect your IT such as attribution guidelines, copyrights, etc. However, if you have something to say, why say it and not let it be heard by as many people everywhere? As Seth Godin espouses relentlessly (and pretty much pioneered the idea) you need to allow ways for your ideas to spread easily.

Does it mater if you dot all your i’s perfectly? Then cross every t using a ruler and square for perfection only to have it sit on your desk, hard drive, or worse – only in your mind? Never to see the light of day because you’re worried it may get criticized, laughed at by some English major for typo’s or improper usage of a word or phrase? Or the dreaded – “They’ll steal my idea or thoughts!” Rubbish. If someone “steals” something which you can prove is yours, there are legal remedies available. So stop hemming, hawing, and worrying needlessly. Start doing. What ever that doing might be. Just start.

Remember, this is all being written by a person who can’t spell kat without engaging spell checker. Doesn’t use social media. i.e., Facebook®, Twitter®, et al. And, skipped English class so repeatedly that when I finally showed, my English teacher made me stand so she could see who I was before sending me to the Principal’s office.

All I’ve done different from others who are; far smarter, skilled, connected, financed, younger, older, better looking, and more is this:

I started. That’s all.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr