How To Make Sales That Influence The Bottom Line™

Selling is one thing. Completing a sale is quite another matter. It’s not a solo affair.

Far too often many salespeople assume that once they’ve finalized agreement of a sale their part of the process is complete. It’s not. You can lose a sale, customer, and reputation in near moments as compared to the time one put in to make it.

Let a brand new customer be greeted with a delivery worth thousands of dollars by a delivery driver that not only is having a bad day – but doesn’t necessarily like the idea of adding this new customer to their already busy day.

Or, just imagine how a new customer is going to react when out of that large delivery your company has just delivered, the one item they depended on receiving that will make or break their day is marked “back ordered.” Here’s a hint: RTS – Order Refused.

There are a myriad of things that can and many times will go wrong after one has made the sale. It’s up to you the salesperson to be in touch with or to help co-ordinate with every part of the process or people involved to complete it.

Of course you can’t do everything or guarantee everyone will do what is expected. However, touching base with a driver, purchasing agent, credit department, receivers, banks, and more that can come in contact with your sales and discussing or informing them with what’s new or, just to be cordial is smart business regardless if you own the company or not.

You own you. And in sales – You are the company.

You need to always act like it.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr