Speed Kills?

Over and over again you’ll hear, “Things are changing so fast!”. Yes, it might be a little annoying at times. i.e., When we purchased a new computer only to have it be obsolete before we figured out how to use it. However, if you think about it. That issue has almost been nullified to a large extent. (unless you’re a pure tech aficionado) Now – speed brings birth to innovation.

In business things are rapidly being replaced. Not just communication rather, business tasks themselves. Today you can turn an iPad® into a cash register, use a smart phone to accept credit cards, and a whole lot more without the hassles or inconveniences one had to endure just a few years ago. You can basically sell cars or real estate from a hotel lobby making all the transactions needed near effortlessly when just 5 years ago accepting credit cards or having a cash register at a flea market was daunting.

The tools becoming available for entrepreneurs is near mind-boggling today. So much so that far too many of us complain we can’t get this or that done first rather, than looking for some form of solution – first.

We should recognize the opportunity that this time frame allows us. Entrepreneurs have opportunities to experiment and break all the rules like never before in history. Like the industrial revolution before us this moment in time I feel will possibly be recorded as the time when near everything was possible for an entrepreneur. From solo practitioner, to creating an empire.  If the tools aren’t here now don’t blink because someones getting ready to bring what you need to market Or, better yet, maybe that someone is you!

“Speed Kills” might be relevant to the highways for which the slogan was created. However today?

Speed is killing off outdated, intrusive, mundane aspects of business. It’s allowing new and improved ideas or ways of doing business while simultaneously giving access to that marketplace at breathtaking speed. If we don’t pay attention – it’ll pass one by in a blur. Everything is on the table. Everything is up for grabs. Opportunity abounds.

Get in the race. Competing – is – winning.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr

Addendum: Here’s an example that just 3 years ago would not only be laughed at but, would be thought of as crazy. Both my wife and I watched 3 movies, 2 documentaries, approximately 8 episodes of our favorite television series between us, and NEVER turned on the television. The great big flat screen television we like many of you just “had to have” as to watch our programs or else we felt as if we were in the stone age, laid dormant the whole day. Simply amazing if you think just how far and fast we come – never mind going.