If You Can’t Save Me 10% It’s Not Worth It

Many people when they approach me at an event or write generally are looking for some “quick fix.” A one liner, or something different they can put in the tool box where not only can they put it to use immediately rather, something different that will actually make a difference as to enhance real performance. More than any other topic – sales tips by far is probably the most common.

What I find at issue from the novice to the veteran is this: They’ve heard either the same old lines repeated ad nauseam (as in some speakers version of “New and Improved Left Brain, Right Brain Brain Dead Sales Techniques for the Dummies”) that not only they can’t bear to hear any longer rather, their potential clients have heard them even more. So now the veteran can’t say any of them without feeling ill nor, can the rookie say them without the client getting ill. (The poor novice doesn’t know what’s going on except to experience a note to self moment: “Don’t use that line again – check!”)

Here’s a break the ice – get you in the door line once perfected with practice of delivery, along with having the back story to prove it, gets right at the issue and never goes out of style or usefulness.

“If I can’t save you 10% from what you’re currently doing now consistently – there would be no reason to switch or use me. It wouldn’t be worth it to both you or me. Besides, I wouldn’t want you to leave me for a penny either. However, there’s only one way to find out. Can we set up a few minutes to discuss?”

That’s it. Anyone in business understands the pain of changing vendors and more. People buy for their own reasons. Everyone, and I mean everyone has their own pivot points where it’s worth it – or not. Ten percent is easily calculated in someones mind. “My food bill is $20K a month for a restaurant. That’s $2K savings a month. That’s real money!” Or, “My power consumption for my business is $5K a month. That’s $500 a month. That’s a car payment!” It’s real enough that a potential client can “see” what’s at stake quickly. 9 times out of 10 you’ll get the opportunity to prove you can – or can’t.

The difference here is two-fold: One – You’ll get what you need more than anything else; The chance to prove. Second – You’re building a defensive wall at the same time so that “if” you get the business. Your competition has quite the moat to cross as to even regain access let alone undercut you.

You can use this tactic as both a door buster, as well as a padlock once on the other side. Remember, just like you, as the competition once again wants in. (or back in) Your line turns from offensive to defensive. i.e., “Yes, they’re quoting cheaper today however, can they save you 10% consistently less than me?”

Practicing this example as to make it your own along with figuring out how to apply the math as to prove the 10% point (whether tangibly as well as intangible) makes this one statement a very powerful force that never gets tired, old, or long in the tooth.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr