An Interesting Brew Ha Ha

Many whom are familiar with my writings know my take on what is usually referred to as “Guru’s.” Whether they are touting sales, entrepreneurship, social media, and more. One thing I have an absolute disdain for is what we all know and see clearly that I refer to as, “Snake Oil Salespeople.”

Although I myself am immersed in what could also be referred to as the “breeding laboratory” of far too many on the stage today. (The motivation speaking industry) I have tried my best (and continue to do so) as to dispel much of what is being thrown from the stages around the globe as rubbish.

No where do I get more push back than from anyone that sells (or is trying to) the ideas of how to get rich using social media today. I’ve stated this before, and I’ll state it again: “The only people making money with social media are the people selling the idea – that you can make money with social media.”

That’s not too say that social media has no use. Or, that it isn’t a powerful tool that can produce amazing results when used effectively. No, what I am saying is there are more people out there selling social media as some magic wand approach that will cure or transform any toad or dog food into a Prince or gourmet cuisine. It won’t. Regardless if when you bought their program – they doubled the offer – And stated you can return it for a full refund. ( just pay additional processing) Yes, you may (however I doubt it) get your money back however, you’ll never get back the time and sanity you probably wasted.

So I was quite intrigued when a reader alerted me after they read my essay “Beware of the Hit Men” then in turn alerted me to quite an interesting article on written by Brandon Mendelson titled, “Social Media May Be Dying, But The BS Around It Hasn’t.”
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I’m not giving an endorsement for what he’s currently arguing for or against. Nor, do I know if he’s right in his conclusions or not. However, what he is saying makes interesting reading and, adds to the discussion for further contemplation when one tries to get more of a handle on what exactly is going on with this new phenom known as “social media.”

Warning- The language is definitely R rated. However, the argument and points are very interesting and should be pondered by anyone whom takes entrepreneurship or its mindset seriously. You needn’t agree with either side. I just believe it’s a side far too many are not exposed to. And, a far greater amount refuse to even acknowledge is even there.

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