Why Entrepreneurs Will Rule

If there’s one club or whatever one wishes to call it I’m most proud of being, as well as helping – are entrepreneurs.

I’ve stated many times throughout my work in writings, speaking, consulting, workshops, and more. It’s the entrepreneurial mindset one needs to move ahead in this world both in business as well as one’s personal life.

It’s getting near impossible in today’s world to find people who don’t believe if they want something – it should be handed to them. More times than not stating their claim or reasons why is because they have some degree, certificate, or alphabet soup after their name. It’s so prevalent today, it’s near laughable.

Cutting right into this fallacy thinking is a very real issue I’m seeing more, and more taking place in hiring practices.

Originally I was going to title this writing under my category of, “Adventures In Stupidity.” However the more I thought about it, the more is seemed abundantly clear this is exactly what true entrepreneurs want to see.

The competition both in singularity as well as the corporations themselves doing things so blatantly foolish. Any person (whether entrepreneur or just with the entrepreneurial mindset) still toying with the idea about going out and getting some job, as opposed to creating it should feel embolden in their decision as to pursue their dreams of self-reliance in the business landscape.

As some of you may be aware I’m currently securing a new residence in Columbus Ohio. (a fantastic city from what I’ve seen so far) During the afternoon I was looking through the Sunday paper. One thing I’ve always done is look through the want-ads. (No I’m not looking for employment thank you.) You can tell a lot about what is going on here, there, and everywhere from what or who is hiring. What skills are needed, required as to even apply, etc.

Today more than ever its become a fool’s errand to look in any newspaper. So I decided I would go look at a so-called “job board.” Here is all I’ll say to what I read. I thought comic strips were only found in the Sunday paper, not in the job-board listings also?

Below are the final requirements verbatim at the end of 8 line items, prioritized and numbered as requirements for “duties, and responsibilities.”

Education: Undergraduate degree required. Graduate degree in business or related areas preferred.

Certifications: (wait for it….) Black Belt certification is desired, but not required.

Let me be very clear. This posting was for a national corporation. (If I said the name you would know it immediately) with BILLIONS in yearly revenues. I read, and re-read this listing 5 times as to see if I missed something where this was for personal protection,or for Karate school consulting or what not. It wasn’t. It was for a pretty direct business posting. It had some sales requirements so quite possibly if they dared not sign a contract one would need to put them into a choke hold as to extract a commitment.

It’s also possible “Black Belt” is some new certification or jargon I’m not aware of. However, even if it is. It’s laughable to put that on a posting. Period. Just how many people who fit the criteria outlined to apply would scratch their heads thinking, “Huh?”

I would wager this company also “employs” resume screening software. No, “Black Belt certification from Joe Jitsu’s school of martial arts?” Into the trash receptacle file it goes. More troubling will be just how many will still apply for this position. Why would one even want to work at such a place? If this is how they look for talent, if they picked you, are you still talent? Just seems crazy in my book.

Then again let them be crazy. Let them be foolish, and all the other epitaphs one can think of for you eschew this type of thinking. As entrepreneurs you notice the death knell of the bloated bureaucratic companies that still believe another “meeting” is what’s needed to fix their ills rather than employing some common sense.

Maybe what they’re afraid of are more, and more entrepreneurs continuing to take away their once perceived “gravy trains.”

Entrepreneurs don’t need some certification as to prove they can kick butt.

They just do it!

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr