How To Make Sales That Influence The Bottom Line™

Time is valuable. Just sometimes – less is more.

People are busy. You’re busy. So why wouldn’t a potential client or customer not be even the more? Top that with you being the 497th salesperson today asking them for time as to express all your new wonderful deals or ideas and, is it any wonder their first response is – No?

The number one issue in good or slow times for many salespeople is this: Realizing a self-preservation tactic for many is not actually to say “No” rather its, “I don’t have time.”

No is an objection to get past of course however, no time means just that – no time. Be respectful they might just be stating the truth. Not an objection.

The best way to handle this hurdle is to address it with sincerity. State you’re quite aware how their time is valuable. You see yours the same way and you too don’t want to waste it. You know they’ve probably been bombarded with others asking the same thing. Ask for no more than 5 minutes. Have one or two points or pertinent questions always at the ready. (Any salesperson worth their salt knows theirs in advance)

If you get the 5 minutes, then at 5 minutes or less say, “thank you for your time” and ask if you can return again when they have more time. Then end the conversation. Period. Do not try as to keep the conversation going. You’ll lose all credibility.

Only stay if you are explicitly asked to remain. If not – its time to move on. You will stand out from the crowd just in the mere fact you kept your word.

Trust that in that mere 5 minutes, both you as well as the customer will know if it would be a waste of time to schedule a second meeting.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr