A Heartfelt Thank You To All

Dear Subscribers,

(For those who’ve been with me awhile you already know the following paragraphs. So let me state right upfront so you needn’t read more.  I am eternally grateful for your continuing support as to find my writings of any value to you. And, never will I take any of it for granted. – Mark)

Many know I don’t do “social media” personally. Or, use all the various other tools everyone else says, “must be used.”
I have sharing tools on my site so you or others can share if you feel appropriate. Which by the way is the way it should be. Not begging or asking you to share, like, or follow as far too many now do.

However, that should not give you the impression that I don’t appreciate every one of you that subscribe, share, or visit this blog from around the globe.

With new subscribers and more arriving daily, I wanted to make clear so that no one takes any offense or thinks I’m unappreciative by not subscribing, liking, or what ever else in reciprocity. That’s not the way I work. If I did One, I would need to do all, and that would be pandering. Which I wont or don’t do.

This blog has now grown and is both routinely visited and currently read in well over 60 countries with international visitors at times outnumbering US domestic readers. (I’ve also seen my writings translated into other languages) It also has been referenced in, as well as by, some of the largest names and publications in media today. Again – around the globe.

Not using social media the way others profess goes 180 degrees against all the conventional wisdom or what the so-called “social-media guru’s” will tell you. (or try to sell you) I believe, if you try as to provide honest content that readers find useful – it will spread. The tools are in their hands to use. At least that’s my perspective.

If you want more on how I view this blog you can read the, “About This Blog” page here. (if you haven’t already) It pretty much sums up my approach and where I’m coming from.

So once again this has only been a long way of saying something very simple.

Thank you.



To All...Thank you!
To All…Thank you!

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr