If Reading Is Dead – Then I’m Long Since Gone

You will meet more and more people today that will tell you, “Books are dead.” Or, they’ll give this or that excuse why they don’t read. (Maybe even someone you know personally?) It’s a load of bunk.

If you want to be ahead of the pack in not only today’s world rather, any time this little blob of rock has been revolving. Readers more often than not are leading the way. Period.

Although I have no idea of some mathematical formulation or other statistical way to make my point. (although for this discussion it’s more intuitive than needing numeration) I will add this caveat:

  • “Reading, as to utilize or dismiss plans of action whether in life, or the market place with an eye towards immediacy – trumps reading volume. One book. One idea. Put into motion, is far more valuable than reading 1000. Only to do nothing.”

It’s never been about what or how much you read. It’s about what you do with what you read that counts. You don’t need to read this weeks newest and greatest treatise on, “Left brain, right brain, middle of the road brain confusion for the dummies.” (albeit tongue in cheek. With what’s published today, that’s probably on some book shelf)

If you’re serious about entrepreneurship. If you say you want to be in charge of what your worth. Then you need to be better at it than most others. And, that only comes from a lifetime of learning.

When you open the door to entrepreneurship, you also bust open the doors to any and all libraries. Be it Goodwill® stores, discount stores, flea market, B&N®, Amazon®, and more. You should be immersed in learning what ever subject or business has struck your fancy. Regardless of what that fancy may be.

Would any motorcycle mechanic or builder worth their salt not be looking high and low for books related to that subject? Old motors, future motors, welding techniques, leather and saddlery work. New books, out of print books, used books, etc. The list goes on, and on. How about your profession?

Too many think to begin the entrepreneurial path or mindset they need to start reading business books. I will state to you emphatically: Don’t!

Most business books are terrible. And, far too many are what I refer to as, “Romance novels.” Most books written for CEO’s, by CEO’s, are sold to CEO’s, and the spine never gets cracked. There’s a reason for that. (re-read the first sentence)

Go find books that interest you. Books that pertain to what ever you’re involved with. Whether you own or run a multimillion dollar enterprise. Or, you’re an employee with the entrepreneurial mindset. Just get immersed. You’ll whittle out the particulars as you get deeper into your subject matter. You’ll also be amazed just who, or where, you’ll find relevant info. Think I’m off base?

Let’s just say all you do is make and sell baskets at your local craft fair. You say, “Oh well. I’ve read everything on weaving, and considered among peers as an expert. There’s nothing more for me to read on the subject.” I’ll answer with…”BS.”

What about books on different plants that produce different materials? Or, baskets of the ancients, farming methods that produce unseen variations of straw, military applications of weaving styles before the common era? I could go on however, I believe you can see my point. As I said earlier, “How about your profession?”

As always I like to use examples that I can show from personal experience. Below is a photo I just took that inspired this whole rant.  It’s the current “stack” I’ve read since last Nov. or about the last 6 months. (I’ll now clear this stack, keep one or two for future reference, and donate the rest to make way for the next “stack.” Rinse-Repeat.)

This current stack are all non-fiction whether biographical, or business related. This doesn’t include the other titles I’ve also added in this time period to my iPad® from Amazon. Nor, does it include the fictional works I listen to on my iPod® as I run. If they were physical the stack would be about 1 and 1/2 times taller.

So if you’re really serious about being an entrepreneur. Ponder this one point as you dream of riches…

Nearly all your competition believes either books are dead or, offer little to no value as to replace their “social media time.”

I say, if that has even a molecule of truth, you have a leap-frog opportunity unrivaled in recent years that should be exploited to one’s benefit.

What you do with the opportunity is up to you.


© 2013 Mark St.Cyr