Why is Simplicity So Complicated?

The main reason why the simple act of anything becomes complicated is this:

“Simplicity leaves no room for one not to do, what is needed to be done.”

We’re all familiar with the saying: “If it were that simple – everyone would be doing it.”

Yes. There is truth in that statement however, it is not to be used as some blanket statement as to cover inaction. The inaction that usually puts one into that state is fear. Fear of losing, fear of looking foolish, fear of __________ (fill in the blank.)

Just think of how many times you’ve either seen or experienced some new breakthrough or product that by all appearances makes you sit and ponder, “Wow, how did no one else see that? It’s so simple.”

The answer to a great many of those instances were; many did – however more often than not; only one had the guts to pursue bringing the answer to market.

Making more sales means seeing more people. Building a better mousetrap means sitting down and starting to build it. Writing a book means sitting down and begin typing. I could go on however, I believe you see the point.

Sitting down gathering information and working out a detailed map of how efficiently you’re going to canvass a city block by using measurements derived from satellite data supplied by NASA before you call on someone is laughable. Yet, many do the equivalent as to not do the simplest thing first. Walk out the door and call on a prospect.

Yes, things can get more complicated as the process goes on however, the process doesn’t begin with the most complicated action first. It begins with the simplest. And that it to start. Period.

Use resources you have currently. You’ll acquire even more along the way as you’re moving along. Just remember, you don’t move along until you start. So start.

It’s that simple.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr