Marketing Tricks of The Pathetic

In the race to find money (any money) in revenue starved websites. The marketing ploys better known as “tricks” is becoming more, and more pathetic.

There was a time banner ads were annoying. That has morphed faster and more disturbingly than the faces they use in these ads as to try to draw eyeballs. i.e., “Cut your insurance rates with Discount Disco Dan The Dancing Insurance Scam Man.” Along with some imbedded or flashing image of someone (or something) who would look more comfortable on a poster for a traveling circus show of the bizarre.

However, what I’ve now noticed are some oh so subtle changes happening from both the desktop side, as well as the mobile end. It seems this tactic whether originally constructed to work as seen or, by accident is beginning to be implemented anywhere, and everywhere.

Quite possibly you’ve noticed it also then just brushed it off or chalked it up as something unavoidable on your part. What I’m referencing is what I’ve deemed the “Tricky Clicky.” (yes an attempt at pun)

Have you noticed when you try to click as to close some annoying pop up ad on a site, it seems you just missed the close button (or whatever they use if anything) only to have clicked right onto something that whisked you off to another site? Everything you did as to try in avoiding this garbage somehow magically turned into doing exactly what they wanted; for you to click on something – anything!

I noticed (maybe you have also) this was happening more, and more on my mobile devices. Personally I’m one of those people who deplores the way advertising is done on the web. I believe it started at the lowest of low-brow thinking and, has done nothing but go downhill from there. You can read an earlier article here.

Some sites or blogs are primarily built around the idea of using free web sites, hosts, and more for the sole purpose that someone, somewhere, will click on an ad so they can collect a penny. Putting my money where my mouth is. I spend actual dollars so readers or visitors to my blog or site receive no advertising. I also wont share, sell, rent, or give subscribers email addresses to any other party as some way to “enhance revenues.” Doing so in my book is not only foolish – its dumb. Unless you’re in the marketing camp along with other such nobles as Nigerian Prince’s et al.

As I said earlier. This came to my attention when using my iPad®. I began to notice more, and more that when I would try to close the annoying pop up; I seemed to have clicked on something else. As the old saying goes it seemed, “I missed it by this much!”

I noticed because I am one who is diligent on cleaning cookies and more. So most sites I visit I’m always considered a “new” hit. So I’ve closed these very same pop-up ads hundreds if not possibly thousands of times. Then all of a sudden I seemed to be missing the close prompt or something because, “Bammmo!” I was whisked away to some site where I could find exotic cars, exotic ladies, Nigerian Prince’s, and more. All at discount prices.

So much so I began to really take notice on my other devices. Sure enough, same thing. No matter how painstakingly careful I was, it seemed 50% of the time, I couldn’t close it without clicking on something else. Now I’ve noticed it happening on my desktop. Here is where I can be far, far, more careful. However, it’s happening here also.

This is not by happen stance in my opinion. I am now convinced it’s by design. And, as the headline states – it’s pathetic.

Hopefully none of you are employing, or allowing this type of marketing tactic to be placed on any of your sites if you have one. If so remember, when this happens to you just how infuriated you can become – so too are the very people who are visiting anything you’ve built when it happens to them.

Because once people realize it’s not them – but you. They might never click to get to your site ever again. Let alone some ad on it.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr