How To Make Sales That Influence The Bottom Line™

Stop Saving Other Sales People!

In our race to satisfy our customers needs (whether existing or potential) we’ll race off in the dead of night, or break our holiday or weekend time in an effort to answer some crisis. However, what most will brush to the side is the reason for the crisis.

Is the crisis because your “customer” didn’t get the necessary goods from your competitor? Do they need the “item” you always quote on – yet they buy elsewhere? Or worse, you’ve tried everything only to have the door slammed. However today – it’s you getting the call to “save the day.”

Exactly how you move forward and help is not only critical to that week/month/years sales numbers rather, it’s just as important to your overall performance.

If you can fill the need and cure the crisis you should get paid. Period. With payment not being just the transaction costs rather, it should be in securing future business.

If you are the one that can solve the issue, not your competitor, than you are entitled to ask for that business. Not 50% to be split between you and them. Not some, “Well let’s see how you do on this and we’ll talk.” No, you need to be bold (courteous of course) and make your case and ask for it before you put down your dinner, or BBQ tongs, or cancel a flight. etc.

If you don’t and you rush to play the part of Florence Nightingale, or some knight in shining armor. All you will have done is come to the rescue of your competitor. The one who can’t fill this persons requirements but – will fill their next order. Not you.

Remember – It’s not just getting the call that matters. It’s also “how” you answer it.

Save the customer. Not your competitor.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr