(For those who say I just don’t get it…Get this!)

You never know when or where you might be right or wrong. Either way being in my position one thing became clear years ago when I first began putting myself out there publicly with my opinion or thoughts; and how they might transpire. What you learn quickly is whether right or wrong – someone is going to tell you, or remind you – guaranteed!

So in that light I was notified by someone today that the latest thoughts expressed in my article Linked Into What Exactly? just may be expressing itself sooner and, in a larger way than I first wrote.

It would seem the overall theme of what can potentially happen to people, and what can happen when it’s at the upper echelon of users. And just how quickly they might feel a little queasy about exactly; what they have posted out there – with whom – and where – as to now wonder exactly “whom” will be using all their “free posted data.”

It would seem in one fell swoop not only did the “sleazy side of recruiting” become manifest but, the “$100K” type earning job seeker was also included.

Yesterday in a U.S. District Court in New York a complaint was filed against The Ladders™ the website that offers job help for those earning $100K and above. In the complaint it’s charged they did exactly what I warned about.

You can read the complaint here that was filed. It comes from the web site of “Ask The Headhunter® Nick Corcodilos” who has done a well documented job of expressing warnings and arguments against this company and others like it and deserves kudos.

Also: Below is an article I wrote back in 2010 that holds just as true today as it did when I first penned it. I offer it because I feel it might be more relevant to today’s market than back then. However just for the record – my last line on “How this ends” still stands. Not some lame attempt to try to give cover for being right years after being wrong. There is no category for right or wrong if the rules or laws have been adulterated to the point of no longer resembling true markets. To quote some one much smarter than I: “It is – What It Is – Till it Ain’t No More!”

Don’t Be Confused Be Dazzled

Original post 12/07/2010 ©Mark St.Cyr

Feeling a tad confused lately? Don’t be confused, be dazzled should be the mantra that describes the year 2010. All and all it has been breath-taking to view. I have always been fascinated with the sleight of hand, or the artful misdirection plays. The team of Penn & Teller is one of my absolute favorites. One of the reasons I find them so fascinating is right before they perform the trick or immediately after, they show you in stunning detail just how the illusion is created, and yet it loses none of its magic.

If I were to tell you about a performance I witnessed and I want you to see it also, I might start out something like this…It opens with a scene showing  2 short years ago the wheels coming off the economy, and there is a terrible crash in the stock market rivaling the plunge of 1929. It also shows the value of people’s homes  in some places dropping 50% or more, some  losing fortunes, retirement accounts being devastated, and unemployment would be almost double and moving higher. When might you feel you’ve heard enough? What if I  also said, but wait there’s more….much more, we’re not even at the good part. The most interesting and dazzling part of this will be how we “recover” from it. It’s a show that can’t be missed, here’s a few of the highlights.

First…What they did was state over and over again we need to cut back on spending, but then they spent double and doubled that…it was fantastic.

Second…Just when you thought employment was a measure of the economy, they turned it around and stated publicly that Unemployment benefits were the way to grow the economy…that was amazing to behold.

Third…I thought the Fed buying Treasuries was the equivalent of monetizing the debt, or printing money. How foolish I was on that one. I obviously forgot what the meaning of  “is” is. There was a standing ovation on that one.

Fourth…The European Union is beginning to unravel once again, N.Korea has sunk a S.Korean naval ship, fired missiles  killing and destroying a fishing village prompting the US to place an aircraft carrier group along with the S.Korean navy to perform war drills off the coast of China who protests, and they’re our banker now. Just stunning in every detail, well worth the price of admission alone.

I can’t tell you everything about the show, you have to actually see it for yourself. It’s one thing for me to try to explain, but if you really want to get the “Full Monty” just look with open eyes and an open mind. You won’t be disappointed.

Oh I almost forgot one of the best parts, towards the finish, they were able to raise the stock market back to levels not seen since before the crash of 2008! It’s a balancing and high wire act that rivals anything Cirque du Soleil has to offer, I mean I’m talking spectacular, but I don’t want to ruin the show for you, see it for yourself and be dazzled.

I don’t want to be a spoiler and tell you how this performance ends.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr